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Rhythmic Music Conservatory

Rooms of Resonance: Presentation of the artistic research project by Lars Greve

Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) in Copenhagen invites you to attend the final presentation of the artistic research project 'Rooms of Resonance' by associate professor, reed-player and composer Lars Greve.

The presentation will be transmitted online from Copenhagen Contemporary at Refshaleøen on 22 February from 16:00 to 18:30 CET.

Greve will present his results in a combined live concert and lecture, followed by a dialogue with two opponents and questions from online attendees. Attending opponents at the presentation are composer and sound artist Rune Glerup, associate professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and pianist and composer Søren Kjærgaard, associate professor at RMC.

The event can be accessed via this Live-YouTube link:

Greve's artistic research on 'Rooms of Resonance' has investigated the following main question:

"What are the artistic potentials in improvising on an acoustic instrument, in a room where selected objectare brought into vibration?"

Greve has explored this through his artistic practice, while hoisting technological, methodological and artistic experiences and insights. 

To get an audiovisual impression of the project, we invite you to see this short introduction movie.




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