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VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research

VIS Issue 5: “One more time, let’s do it again!” out now

The fifth issue of VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research was released on 15 March, 2021, on the journal website and on the Research Catalogue. The theme is “One more time, let’s do it again!”, with expositions working with the artistic potential of repetition, returning to work from another time or revisiting previously explored ideas.

“Issue 5 questions what artistic practices engaging with repetitions and reiterations may lead to in artistic research”, writes editor of the issue Trond Lossius in his introduction. “The seven expositions in this issue offer multiple and rich perspectives on how ‘doing it again’ can contribute to artistic practice, expression and meaning-production.”

From sound journaling and performing with trees to the reproductive labour of dusting carpets, the expositions in this issue range over a wide field of different areas. How are stories we tell of architecture changed by being rehearsed over and over? What can be revealed about the relationship between man and nature by re-drawing classic nature documentaries? How have group composition practices been transformed by having to work in Zoom meetings?

The expositions published in this issue are:

Minuting. Rethinking the Ordinary Through the Ritual of Transversal Listening by Jacek Smolicki
Reiterate, rerun, repeat by Michael Duch & Jeremy Welsh
Beyond the Saturation Point by Annette Arlander
Naturfilm by Elisa Rossholm & Anna Sofia Rossholm
Piskan ställningen by Livia Prawitz
Haunted houses by Emelie Carlén

VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research is a biannual digital journal presenting artistic research, emphasising the importance of reflection that is interwoven with artistic practice, thereby generating new knowledge. The journal is the result of a joint initiative by Stockholm University of the Arts, SKH and the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, Diku.




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