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Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas

Virtual event with Janine Antoni explores understandings of the human body

On April 26 at 5PM EDT/4PM CDT, the Spencer Museum of Art presents Tending to the Body, a virtual conversation among artists and other researchers about how to better understand and connect to our bodies through multiple perspectives. A free livestream of this event is available through the Spencer Museum’s website.

The event features MacArthur Fellows Janine Antoni, who has explored the body through sculpture, movement, and photography for decades; and John Rich, whose work in public health focuses on violence toward African American men in urban settings. They will be joined in conversation by artists Ingrid Bachmann and Dario Robleto, whose work is featured in the Spencer Museum’s exhibition Healing, Knowing, Seeing the Body.

This program is organized by the Spencer Museum’s Integrated Arts Research Initiative (IARI), which facilitates annual inquiries that explore issues across the arts, sciences, and humanities. This year’s inquiry—Tending to the Body—uses images, sound, video, and text to explore how we care for our bodies through submissions from various artists and scholars on a virtual platform.

IARI is supported by a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This program is supported in part by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Image credit: Video still from The Aorta of An Archivist by Dario Robleto




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