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SIG - Artistic Research In Generative Arts - ARIGA

The Special Interest Group on Artistic Research in Generative Art addresses artistic research that focuses on the computational, the algorithmic, and the generative. In particular, ARIGA addresses practices that engage with computational artifacts while suspending preconceived ideas of function and rather embrace the mutual evolution of technology and artistic thought. Computation is understood as an actor integrated in a mesh of irreducible interrelations, part of an ecology in which technological, historical, social, and scientific aspects diffract. Conceived by Luc Döbereiner and David Pirrò, ARIGA critically addresses fundamental questions common to diverse practices and seeks to gather artist researchers working with generative processes in heterogeneous media, including space, sound, image, video, sculpture, and language.

The ARIGA Group aims to collect contributions from fellow artist researchers exposing their practices and exploring the boundaries of the Research Catalogue as a medium for documenting, publishing, and sharing generative artworks. Starting in autumn 2021, a series of streamed events are planned where members of the group are invited to show their work with computational artifacts in an explorative and performative mode.

Call for Participation: The ARIGA RC Portal has now been launched: see We invite all interested artist researchers to become members, to actively contribute and be informed of the group's upcoming activities.




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