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Universitat de Barcelona. Faculty of Fine Arts + Idensitat

ADD+ART 2021 CONFERENCE. Open for registration


ADD + ART 2021 is an online conference that, within the global context of control, uncontrollability and isolation, aims to discuss and to share projects and research on mechanisms of production, artistic process formalisation strategies, and the creation and set-up of new spaces for the realisation of artistic practices, and their interaction with social space.

The two day programme offers an opportunity to take part in this event and to find out about the 60 projects, in formats such as video, graphic project, photo essay or online communication, selected from an open call which has received applications from various countries - such as Argentina, Canada, United States, Great Britain, Italy, Malta, Norway, Poland, Spain, among others.

The keynotes speakers in each conference strand are: Bassam El Baroni (curator and professor at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University), Anna Dot (artist and lecturer at the University of Vic and EINA) and Anne Rodríguez (cultural manager and head of the Centre of Artistic residences of Matadero Madrid).

Thematic strands interconnecting artistic research with future scenarios

ART – TERRITORY. Temporary and dynamic residences of contextualised and localised production. The interaction, definition or creation of new terms regarding the future of the relationship between artistic creation and public spaces.

SPACES – DEVICES. Other “structures of location” to display, exhibit, contextualise, or socialise. The creation of new virtual, mixed or face-to-face environments.

DECODING – ACTIVATION. Investigating new languages, art and performativity, new objectivity, expanded interpretations, productions for alternative audiences.

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- Universitat de Barcelona. Research project IN>TRA2. Reading as an artistic practice: models of creative decoding (PGC2018-093862-B-C21). Spanish Ministry of Education, Science and Universities.

- IDENSITAT. Art research project experimenting and interacting with social spaces through collaborative practices. Idensitat is carrying out ART ⇆ TERRITORY and DIES projects in collaboration with Casa Planas, Le BBB art centre and La Escocesa, with the support of Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion.




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