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University of Valladolid and Katarina Gurska Institute for Artistic Research

3/4/5 September 21: ONLINE International Congress on Intersection Art, Society and Technology in Musical Innovation

The University of Valladolid In Spain and the Katarina Gurska Institute for Artistic Research are together to disseminate knowledge related to innovative scientific and artistic research.


With the social use of technology, interconnectivity, and instantaneity, we face the challenge of providing musicians with the necessary concepts and mindsets to adapt the development of their professional skills to the current paradigm and to understand and creatively deal with the changes within their respective fields.

Educational institutions have to search for new concepts of knowledge production and redefine their structures to become hybrid models of think tanks and shelters, laboratories and publishers, funders and archivists at the same time and under one roof. Interdisciplinarity is the keyword of the hour...but what are the personal and social prerequisites for successful integration of the parties involved in contemporary music teaching, practice, and musical innovation including all its traditions, cultural backgrounds, instrumentalities, and mentalities?

Will these fascinating technologies inspire uniformity or diversity? 

A great opportunity for artists, professionals, teachers, and students of all levels to share their research results related to any of the 4 research lines of the congress:

  1. Artistic Interaction and Technology - sept. 3
  2. Innovation in Music Education - sept. 4
  3. Arts, Science and Technology - sept. 4
  4. Music and Society in the 21st century - sept. 4

25 SPEAKERS with very different backgrounds and research areas.





Artistic Interaction & Technology

Bruno Zamborlin

Alexander Vert - Diego Tosi - Frederic Bevilacqua

Alexander Schubert - Jonathan Harth

Innovation in Music Education

Pamela Burnard

Ana Frega - Andrew King - Lászlo Stachó - Anna Vernia

Jesús Tejada - Adolf Murillo

Arts, Science and Technology

Hans Jörg Rheinberger

Sandeep Bhagwati - Elena Ungeheuer - Paul Vickers - Gerriet K. Sharma

Michel Iber - Angela McArthur

Music and Society in the 21st C.

Paulo de Assis

Marcel Cobussen - Bernd Herzogenrath - Lucia D´Errico - Davorka Begovic

Sandeep Bhagwati - Gerriet K. Sharma




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