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Malmö Theatre Academy, Lund University

Do you want to take an active role in artistic research for the 2030 Agenda and sustainable development?

Malmö Theatre Academy opens a position for a doctoral candidate in artistic research in the performing arts* with a focus on sustainability. The PhD studentship is hosted jointly by Malmö Theatre Academy and the Agenda 2030 Graduate School within Lund University.

*directing, dramaturgy, performing, scenography, light design, sound design, costume design, object theatre, various forms of Live Art.

The term “sustainability” gathers the challenges the ecological, environmental and socio-political state of the planet as currently poses to humankind. The performing arts in different cultures have traditionally depicted and criticised the fatal aspects of human behaviour and the relation of humans to the powers and factors they are not (entirely) masters of. However the ongoing planetary crisis poses to the sustainability of the art form a completely new type of challenges. A need for a shift from anthropocentric modes of representation towards more heterogeneous and inclusive forms is pressing, but it often meets with the apparent limitations of the human body, language, cognition, norms, beliefs and institutional practices.

How to stretch, surpass or renegotiate those limits in performing arts and in their education? What kind of new forms, practices, techniques or methods are needed for that? What kind of means can practices in performing arts provide to foster sustainability in societies?

The doctoral studentship is an opportunity for artists whose practice links with the aforementioned issues to pursue their research within the Agenda 2030 Graduate School while being anchored to the artistic research field within Malmö Theatre Academy.

Learn more and apply here. We need your application by October 8.




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