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Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Invitation to Defense of Hanna Husberg, Ph.D.-in-Practice, October 19, 2021, 4-6pm | Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Dear All,

The Ph.D. in Practice Program of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna kindly invites you to the Defense of Hanna Husberg’s dissertation project Troubled Atmosphere - On Noticing Air. The Committee is made up of: Axel Stockburger (chair), Anette Baldauf and Renate Lorenz (1st and 2nd supervisor), and Cecilia Åsberg (external appraiser, Linköping University).

Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2021; 4 - 6pm (UTC+2)

Through the lense of four different art projects, Troubled Atmosphere – On Noticing Air looks at hybrid, layered, inconsistent, muddled, unruly, contaminated gatherings of air, inquiring how air has been conceptualised and perceived, and how the construction of aerial imaginaries enables specific ways of engaging with the world and excludes others. Paying attention to the materiality, relationality and performativity of air, noticing air is explored as a methodology to consider how air, approached as a naturalcultural and technoecological phenomenon, is made perceptible and knowable under historically specific circumstances, perceptual systems, and politics of representation

Please join us for the defense presentation.

The event will take place online. Please see the Zoom link below.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting-ID: 976 4779 2773

Passcode: 40T42g

Please arrive until five minutes in advance. You will find yourself in the waiting room and will only be admitted if you arrive before the defense starts.

Hanna Husberg is a visual artist, whose research has developed through several art projects that, through a focus on air, inquire into how humans perceive, relate to, and imagine their immediate, and expanded, surrounding. Bringing theory, criticism and scientific research together with art and poetics she often collaborates across disciplines. She is currently, jointly with Agata Marzecova, developing the long term research project Towards Atmospheric Care, which explores air and the atmosphere as naturalcultural and technoecological phenomena, asking how to care about something that is not perceptible to human senses, yet significantly structures our existence. She is assistant professor for the Collective Practices post master course at KKH, Stockholm and regularly co-teaches Urban Ethnography at EKA, Tallinn with Marzecova.




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