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Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project

Multiplier Conference: Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates & beyond

Registration is open til October 11, 2021!

The Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates (and beyond) Multiplier Conference is a free event, open to everyone. Please register here

The event highlights key issues and encourages the discussion about advancing doctoral supervision with stakeholders and representatives from within and beyond the field of artistic research. In a one and a half-days program the project team will present the outputs of all workpackages and discuss the main findings of the project with the audience.


Thu 21. October

09.00 –10.00 h

10.00 –10.30 h
Aula: Welcome and introduction

10.30 –18.00 h
Aula and Sitzungssaal: Presentation of outputs and discussion of key findings (Lunch and coffee breaks included)

19.00 –22.00 h
Prospect Court (formerly Semperdepot): Evening Reception

Fri 22. October

09.00 –12.00 h
Aula and Sitzungssaal: Presentation of outputs and discussion of key findings, (Coffee break included)

12.00 –12.30 h
Aula: Wrap up, farewell, and closing

12.30 –14.00 h
Sitzungssaal: Lunch table talks


Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Schillerplatz 3
1010 Vienna

We want to make your stay in Vienna as comfortable as possible. Therefore, please find here some practical information to make your stay easier.

Pre-Event: Oct 20

Don’t forget to also take part in the pre-event on 20 Oct: The upcoming ELIA Artistic Research Platform Meeting „Working Together“ invites participants to address, investigate and re-discover the value of working together as practitioners and researchers, after having had to work in solitude during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please register here.




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