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VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research

VIS #7, theme Metamorphoses - Tales of the Ever-Changing

VIS Issue 7 with theme Metamorphoses – Tales of the Ever-Changing was released 14 March. The broad and metaphorical theme of #7, metamorphosis, has proved to both transcend and be concretized by the dramatic course of events in the world.

– In our call for this issue, we questioned whether it is possible to relate practices of transformation in art to our time where change is increasingly present in everyday life. We also addressed the fear of the world balancing at a tipping point, at which every step in any direction is of crucial importance. These issues have proved to be very relevant over the past weeks, in different ways than we anticipated when we formulated the call, says Anna Lindal, editor for the issue.

This issue’s topic is vast and invites for a myriad of interpretations and perspectives. The five expositions take on the theme in different ways. There are aesthetical, political, social, and personal takes on the transformation of material, history, and process as well as on methods and theory.

– What, to me, is really striking in these expositions is how all the contributors are questioning their own practice – with a sometimes pervasive transformation of the “normal” know-how inherent in the artistic practice. Like the documentary filmmaker that works with performance and reenactment, the architect that questions the meaning of “producing more of the same, just a little bit greener, or a little bit more social”, and the visual artist discovering and admitting that she is a poet. These examples of transformative processes are part of an artistic research tradition of unlearning and of an autocritical questioning of skills that forms a particular and prolific strand within the field, says Anna in her editorial.

Read the new issue here.

Expositions in issue 7

Arturo Delgado Pereira – We Would Strike!: Beyond Representation in a Post-Industrial Town.
Paola Torres Núñez del Prado – The Sonified Textiles within the Text(il)ura Performance: Cross-cultural Tangible Interfaces as Phenomenological Artifacts
Sergio Montero Bravo – Territorial Art, Design & Architecture
Klara Waara – Ta Form (Taking Form)
Tobias Leibetseder/Thomas Grill – Fragments in Time

About VIS

VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research is a digital open access journal presenting artistic research, with a special emphasis on the Nordic region. It highlights the importance for Nordic artist-researchers of reflection as a mental discipline that, when interwoven with artistic practice, generates new knowledge. The journal is the result of a cooperation between Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) and the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (part of Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills).

Anna Lindal, Editor (VIS #6–7)

Anna Lindal is a violinist, primarily active in experimental contemporary music, researcher and professor in Music with a long and substantial international experience within vast parts of the musical and cultural field. She has among other things worked as Dean of the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at Gothenburg University and was President for the Society for Artistic Research and Concertmaster in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm.




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