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Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)

The online, peer-reviewed journal for the publication and discussion of artistic research.


JAR is open-access, free to read, and to contribute.

We are very proud to announce our fourteenth issue with the following contributions:

Matilde Meireles and Diogo Alvim, ‘Trigger Place – A Game of Sound and Architecture
Joanne Scott, ‘The Salford samples
Michael Zinganel and Michael Hieslmair, ‘Stop and go: nodes of transformation and transition
Megan Moe Beitiks, ‘Systems of Pain/Networks of Resilience (First Compilation)
Susannah Gent, ‘Exorcising Unhomely Street: Filmic Intuition and the Representation of Post-concussive Syndrome

Keywords include: sound, architecture, cultural memory, urban regeneration, mobility, migration, anthropology, trauma, resilience, networks, neuroaesthetics, Damasio, film-making.

Michael Schwab’s editorial for JAR 14 deals with a question at the heart of the journal: what does the challenge to ‘expose practice as research’ mean? He writes: JAR has always been careful to invite ‘expositions of practice as research’ rather than just ‘expositions.’ The reason lies in one aspect of the term ‘exposition’, which suggests that ‘to expose’ is to explain something or make it public. While not incorrect, this reading is not sensitive enough to a central idea in JAR: that in the act of exposition, that which is seemingly exposed is also constituted. This creative aspect is the reason why we don’t tell authors how this is best achieved and accept that some submissions employ tested strategies while others test their readers with new solutions to the challenge of ‘exposition.’

Take a look at JAR 14 and read the full editorial here.

JAR’s website now features a new section called ‘Network,’ a non-peer-reviewed space for discussion, reviews and opinion pieces relevant to artistic research and JAR’s community. It carries no restrictions in terms of language, length, topic or theme. The latest addition to this section is Sean Lowry’s text 'Project Anywhere: Problems of Representation and Evaluation.' Read all contributions here.

The Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) is an international, online, Open Access and peer-reviewed journal that disseminates artistic research from all disciplines. JAR invites the ever-increasing number of artistic researchers to develop what for the sciences and humanities are standard academic publication procedures. It serves as a meeting point of diverse practices and methodologies in a field that has become a worldwide movement with many local activities.

JAR provides a digital platform where multiple methods, media and articulations can function together to generate insights in artistic research endeavours. It seeks to promote ‘expositions’ of practice as research. In JAR artistic research is viewed as an evolving field where research and art are positioned as mutually influential. Recognising that the field is ever developing and expanding, JAR remains open to continued re-evaluation of its publishing criteria.

If you are considering submitting something to the journal be sure to look at our guidelines.

JAR works with an international editorial board and a large panel of peer-reviewers.

Editor in Chief: Michael Schwab
Peer Review Editor: Julian Klein

Editorial Board: Annette Arlander, Alex Arteaga, Barnaby Drabble, Mika Elo, Leonella Grasso Caprioli, Yara Guasque and Mareli Stolp.

JAR is published by the Society for Artistic Research (SAR), an independent, non-profit association. You can support JAR by becoming an individual or institutional member of SAR. For updates on our activities, join our mailing list.

Contact: jar@jar-online.net

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