Fellowship positions in the Ph.D. programme in Artistic Research

The Norwegian Academy of Music

The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) is a leading specialized university in music. The Academy educates music performers, composers, conductors, music educators, and music therapists at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels. The Academy hosts about 400 concerts annually and is at the forefront of artistic research and scientific research in music.

The Norwegian Academy of Music is located at Majorstuen in Oslo and has 600 students, 180 FTEs and an annual budget of 250 million kroner. The Academy is an IW Enterprise (Inclusive Working Life).

The Norwegian Academy of Music has two Ph.D. programmes;
a)    A scientific programme, which leads to the degree Ph.D.
b)    An artistic programme, which leads to the degree Ph.D. in Artistic Research

Ph.D. in artistic research

The Artistic Research Fellowship Programme is replaced by Ph.D. programmes in artistic research.

The Norwegian Academy of Music is announcing up to four artistic research fellowship positions in the Academy’s Ph.D. programme in artistic research. Each position is a three-year appointment beginning 1 September 2018.

Interdisciplinary community

There are currently 10 artistic research fellows at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Our fellows conduct their research on topics such as composition, improvisation, early music, folk music, contemporary music, and music performance in general.

See our project archive for an overview of artistic research fellow projects

The research fellows admitted to the programme will participate in a research school organized by the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, and they will take part in an interdisciplinary artistic community with fellows from other art fields ranging from early music to contemporary visual arts. The Norwegian Academy of Music will also offer two specialist modules on artistic research in music for new Fellows.

NordART - The Arne Nordheim Centre for Artistic Research

All artistic research projects at NMH are embedded within the Arne Nordheim Centre for Artistic Research.

NordART proposes a vision of a research practice that combines an emphasis upon artistic goals and problems with rigor, resilience and a readiness to learn from, and share with, the best in musical thought and action. Its two-fold mission, directed at the musical arts, is to understand art better and to strive for better art through deeper understanding. It embodies the belief that these two aspirations are linked and complementary to one another.

Subject areas

This call is open for artistic research projects within music, but we are specifically looking for projects within one of these areas:

  • Performers or composers who have a track-record in sound-art, acousmatic composition or electroacoustic composition, and have working knowledge of spatial audio, multichannel sound systems, panoramic sound capture, the projection of 3D sound-fields, and basic acoustics.
  • Performers with a specialty in contemporary music, or composers working with an expanded material including movements and language. As performers, both singers and instrumentalists would be of interest, but they need to be skilled in either music theatre or extended playing techniques or both.
  • Performers or composers who have an interest in research on the interface between performance and feminist theories and practices.

We offer

The programme offers a three-year position as research fellow to candidates who have completed the highest art education within their subject area and leads to expertise as associate professor. The applicant must be able to document acclaimed artistic practice at an international level and of a certain scale.

Application requirements

The application must contain a project description that places the project within a subject / research field, topic, context, artistic method, research questions and choice of working methods and presentation forms. The project description must be maximum 2500 words and should also contain a activity plan for the different parts of the project. Read more about how to write the project description.

Applicants shall use this application form (Word / docx).

Additionally the application shall consist of these parts:

  • Documentation of relevant artistic activities. Maximum 5 examples.
  • Documentation of formal professional/academic competence
  • Schedule for the study with milestones
  • Budget
  • Suggestions for supervisors
  • Documentation of artistic practice (fx sound/video files). Maximum 5 examples.

Deadline: 1 February 2018

How to send the application

The application and all other documentation must be sent to the Norwegian Academy of Music using Filemail.

  1. Copy and paste birgitte.o.pollen@nmh.no into the “To”-field.
  2. Fill in your own email address in the “From”-field.
  3. Create a folder locally on your computer and place your application and all documentation in it.
  4. Upload the folder to Filemail using the “Add folder”-option.
  5. The application form and all written attachments must be sent as a single PDF file in this order: 1. Application form, 2. Project description, 3. Diploma, 4. Activity plan 5. Budget 6. Suggestions for supervisors
  6. Documentation of artistic activities and artistic practices must be sent as links to YouTUbe and/or text/audio/video files. Links to YouTube must be collected in a PDF document. You are responsible that the links and/or files work. Read more in the Procedure for admission to the artistic research fellowship programme.

You will get a confirmation as soon as the application is received by the Academy.


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