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Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Artful Research:
Two symposia about practice as research

Two free symposia at Manchester Metropolitan University in which academics, practitioners and research students provoke debate about artistic practice as research.

Musicians, writers, artists, designers and performers have long considered their practice as a form for creating knowledge.
This work is now being framed within the conventions of academic research. Some practitioners have chosen doctoral research as a means to develop their understanding of the relationship between what they do and the intellectual and practice fields within which they work. Many are pushing beyond the boundaries of established research conventions in order to advance artistic research as a dynamic field of enquiry.

Symposium One, 3 May 2018, 12.00 – 17.00

Facilitated by Prof. Amanda Ravetz (Manchester Metropolitan University).

Prof. Amanda Bayley (Bath Spa University)

Prof. Anne Boddington (Kingston School of Art)

Michael Schwab (Editor-in-Chief, Journal for Artistic Research)

Prof. Jean Sprackland (Manchester Metropolitan University)

The panel will speak from their particular disciplinary stance and debate the issues with students in small groups. The day will finish with each group presenting a short artistic gesture that expresses something of their learning from the day.

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Symposium Two, 21 June 2018, 12.00 – 17.00

Introduced and facilitated by Dr David Horne (Royal Northern College of Music).

Selected students will describe and analyse the ways in which practice is part of their PhD work.

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More details: Dr Myna Trustram, ( and

The call for contributions

Doctoral students are invited to send a proposal for the symposium on 21 June.

We welcome proposals on any aspect of practice as research. You might consider conceptual, philosophical, educational, creative, institutional questions raised by practice as research and how you are addressing them in your work. You are advised to attend the first symposium.

Include in your proposal:

  1. Your name, institution, department and year of study.
  2. The working title of your thesis.
  3. A description and rationale for what you will present (max 250 words)
  4. Images, where appropriate
  5. Whether your presentation includes elements of performance
  6. Any technical requirements

For more information please contact Dr Myna Trustram, Research Associate at Manchester School of Art (

Please send your proposals for a contribution to the second symposium on 21 June to
Dr Myna Trustram (

Deadline for proposals: 14 May 2018.



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