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Stockholm University of the Arts

Last call for registration: Alliances & Commonalities October 25-27 2018

Stockholm University of the Arts presents Alliances & Commonalities; a conference focused on the shared methods, materials, values and questions currently at play in the field of Artistic Research. The conference runs from October 25-27, 2018. Welcome to take part in this conference – the registration will be open for a few more days.

Conference registration open until October 1.

We invite Artistic researchers who are working from and across a range of disciplines, contexts, and perspectives to participate. Exploring the artistic alliances and the creative commonalities motivating and enlivening the field of Artistic Research, the conference includes workshops, performances, presentations, films, installations, panel discussions and social events.

Alliances and Commonalities is curated around Uniarts' four Artistic Research Profile Areas:

Site, Event, Encounter
Body and Vocal Practices
Art, Technology, Materiality
Concept and Composition

Conference registration open until: October 1
Conference Registration

Conference Alliances & Commonalities
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