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New Book by Michael Schwab: Transpositions. Aesthetico-Epistemic Operators in Artistic Research

Research leads to new insights rupturing the existent fabric of knowledge. Situated in the still evolving field of artistic research, this book investigates a fundamental quality of this process. Building on the lessons of deconstruction, artistic research invents new modes of epistemic relationships that include aesthetic dimensions.

Under the heading transposition, seventeen artists, musicians, and theorists explain how one thing may turn into another in a spatio-temporal play of identity and difference that has the power to expand into the unknown. By connecting materially concrete positions in a way familiar to artists, this book shows how moves can be made between established positions and completely new ground. In doing so, research changes from a process that expands knowledge to one that creatively reinvents it.

The book is Open Access. It can be downloaded for free through Leuven University Press using this link or purchased for EUR 45 using this link.


Table of Contents

Introduction - Michael Schwab

Transformations - Rosi Braidotti

Abandoning Art in the Name of Art: Transpositional Logic in Artistic Research - Esa Kirkkopelto

Calling the Dragon, Holding Hands with Junipers: Transpositions in Practice - Annette Arlander

Aberrant Likenesses: The Transposition of Resemblances in the Performance of Written Music - Lucia D'Errico

Work of Art as Analyst as Work of Art - Laura González

Annlee; or, Transposition as Artistic - Device Leif Dahlberg

Transposing the Unseen: The Metaphors of Modern Physics - Tor-Finn Malum Fitje

Staging Collisions: On Behaviour - David Pirrò

Algorithms under Reconfiguration - Hanns Holger Rutz

Speculations on Transpositional Photography - Birk Weiberg

Transpositionality and Artistic Research - Michael Schwab

Transpositions: From Traces through Data to Models and Simulations - Hans-Jörg Rheinberger

Transposition - Cecile Malaspina

Transduction and Ensembles of Transducers: Relaying Flows of Intensities - Paulo de Assis

Alchemistic Transpositions: On Artistic Practices of Transmutation and Transition - Dieter Mersch

Ineffable Dispositions - Mika Elo

Without Remainder or Residue: Example, Making Use, Transposition - Yve Lomax



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