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Manchester School of Art/MMU

Fully funded PhD looking at alternative art school pedagogies

ManMet is offering a fully funded PhD scholarship (covering tuition fees at the Home/EU rate (£4,260) and an annual stipend of around £14,777) to work with Islington Mill Art Academy (IMAA) and Professor Amanda Ravetz on alternative art school pedagogies.

Peers-in common explores the social transformative potential of alternative art school pedagogy, a growing UK and European phenomenon. It investigates the conditions under which alternative art school students self-manage limited resources towards positive externalities, and how, through increased partnership and knowledge exchange, they might act beyond a narrowly defined art world to become cultural leaders within local and wider communities. The research design is influenced by the concept of ‘instituent study’ (Raunig, 2007; Haslam, 2018) a form of critique that suggests the ongoing instituting ‘event’ is crucial in deciding the future of political models of organising and that new forms of infrastructure and knowledge are possible without fleeing from existing institutional structures (Raunig, 2007).

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