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The University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki)

Call for Applications: MA in Live Art and Performance Studies

Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS) is a full-time, two-year English-language master’s degree programme at Uniarts Helsinki's Theatre Academy. It uniquely combines performance studies with live art and performance art. The programme is accepting new students in January 2019. Studies begin in fall 2019.

LAPS combines critical thinking with practice-led research, and seeks to flesh out synergies between research and practice. The programme’s lecturers, mentors, visiting artists and theorists provide diverse approaches to the field, which include, but are not limited to: visual culture, gender studies, performance philosophy, performative research, embodiment, community-based practice, anthropology, mediated performance, performative writing, or the political theory of performance and activism. These approaches provide practical and theoretical tools for students in the context of performance studies and artistic research after the post-humanist turn.

The LAPS programme empowers its students to develop and activate new knowledge in performance and theory. The applicants may already have a foundation in live art or performance art, but are now interested in performance studies and want to develop their discursive research skills alongside their artistic practice, or they may have already carried out research in another field in the humanities, but want to focus more e.g. on the embodied practices or performative research. Therefore, professionals from a wide range of fields, including people from the non-academic or activist backgrounds, are encouraged to apply.

The University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki), located in Finland’s capital Helsinki, offers the highest education in fine arts, music, theatre and dance. The university provides high-quality education that considers students’ individual needs, encouraging them to hone their craft, think independently and push boundaries.

Helsinki is a vibrant centre for technological innovation, the arts, architecture and the humanities. Situated on the Baltic Sea, the city is surrounded by forests, islands, wetlands, fractal coastlines available for installation and performance. Students will be quickly introduced to the respective scenes to LAPS studies, and will find their place in the wider artistic community in Helsinki and Finland.

The application period is 9–23 January 2019 (ending at 3pm Finnish time UTC+2 on the last day).

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