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Crisis Collective! Call for contributions to SAR2020

“[ ... ] delicate negotiations between demands for the autonomy of artistic research and the necessity of its intervention into [collective] reality.”

– WHW 2016

The 11th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research, SAR 2020, investigates and discusses the relation between Artistic Research, various notions of collective reality and alternative imaginations. Reality, as we currently know it, is marked by a series of inter-connected crises, and as part of larger collective structures, artistic researchers are confronted by and immersed in these. The urgency of these crises forces the agency and relevance of Artistic Research into question. By debating modes of research, dissemination and communication employed by Artistic Research as well as its academic contextualization, the SAR 2020 conference aims at negotiating and analysing the problems we face. The question relates to the autonomy of the individual artist- researcher, the systemic institutionalization of Artistic Research and the current more collective state of emergencies that we face. What are the modes of trial/ experimentation, creation, reflection, and communication in this crisis collective like? Can Artistic Research – through artistic actions – generate alternative modes of knowledge, art and reality?

The SAR 2020 conference calls for proposals to constitute the Crisis Collective in four different strands. Each conference proposal/ presentation adds into the shared vision of troubles and possible paths active now and in the future and generates a response by Artistic Research to the Crisis Collective. The four strands are:

  • Emergency
  • The Great Conversation
  • Hammer and Mirror? The language of Artistic Research
  • Various Rehearsals

The call for submission deadline: October 15, 2019

Please find more information about the conference and submission guidance here: call-for-contributions-to-sar2020


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