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mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Lecture Series "Knowing in Performing" - Artistic Research at the mdw

In recent decades, Artistic Research has developed into an increasingly important field for art universities. Both the growing interest of art in epistemological questions and the scientific questioning of artistic practices support and initiate artistic research processes as specific forms of knowledge production. Art is regarded as both an object and a medium of research. In the transdisciplinary approaching of art and science, the integration of various forms of knowledge such as tacit knowing, embodiment, procedural and auditory knowledge practices plays a central role and serves the development of new methods and research questions.

The development process of Artistic Research at the mdw, which in the near future aims to establish an artistic doctorate and the Artistic Research Centre at the mdw, is based on the insight that there is no 'one' kind of artistic research, but that different approaches require a broad discourse. In this context, the continuation of the lecture series "Knowing in Performing" with a focus on the performing arts also plays an important role. On six dates, the invited artists and theorists will present their models of artistic research, analyse current developments and discourses, and open a critical discussion on the possibilities and conditions of how current practices and discourses can find their way into teaching and research.

Time and Place:

Tuesday from 6.00 – 8.00 pm (please note the date of the respective lecture)
mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Fanny Hensel Hall
Anton-von-Webern Platz 1, 1030 Vienna

Further information:


15.10.2019: Jagoda Szmytka, Frankfurt/Main

Performance Practice in Public Spaces

Moderation: Angelika Silberbauer

12.11.2019: Sandra Noeth, Berlin

Aesthetic Matters: Artistic Practice and the Systemic

(Non-)Representation of Bodies in Contemporary Politics

Moderation: Susanne V. Granzer

21.01.2020: Timothy Ingold, Aberdeen

Thinking through the Cello

Moderation: Annegret Huber

17.03.2020: Jyoti Mistry, Göteborg

Practice in Working through the Unknown

Moderation: Therese Kaufmann

21.04.2020: Daniel Henry, Vancouver

The Human Body Moving as Analogy for Thought Unfolding

Moderation: Johannes Kretz und Wei-Ya Lin

05.05.2020: David Dolan, London

Classical Improvisation as a Meeting Point of Structural Awareness, Spontaneity and Risk-Taking

Moderation: Johannes Meissl

Photo credit: Daniel Henry


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