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Doctoral School for Artistic Research / University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and Forum Stadtpark

Call for Contributions: Music Pours Over the Sense - Experimental Symposium

15-16 May 2020


Deadline: 10th of February 2020


How much of the choreographic hides in the music, how much of the sonic resides in our bodies?

What does music reveal about the body and vice versa?

How can artistic research about this dialogical relation reflect, engage with and shape the realities we live in? 

This international symposium organised by Magdalena Chowaniec and Veza Fernandez calls for an exchange between those whose artistic work engages with a dialogue between the choreographic and the musical. It aims to create a temporary platform for artistic researchers, artists and scholars to share and re-organize their transdisciplinary practices; let them melt, struggle, crash, exchange, transduce each other and re-compose the how and what through the collective experience.

The tendency to look at the embodied understanding aquired through artistic research in performing arts from a perspective of superiority remains; calling it unconventional, alien, illegitimate. Our symposium focuses on what’s hard to verbalize but existant and if shared with others, may lead to new observations and become empowering. It opens up a space where embodied skills and their various qualities can be celebrated, reflected in word and practice, and further developed, with their immaterial capital expanded.

How to learn from the various relations between body and sound? How to reflect and share different ways of understanding and reading the materialities and potentialities of both agents? Could the relations between them provide us with new kinds of embodied fuel to start transformative processes inside and outside our artistic and human communities? Let us look for and come up with some answers to these questions together.

Confirmed guests:

Edyta Jarzab (PL)

Jule Flierl (DE)

Alex Arteaga (ES)


Application process

Artistic researchers and artists in the fields of dance, choreography, music and sound art, as well as scholars of related disciplines, are encouraged to propose lecture performances, workshops, performative readings, experimental labs, installations or concerts; paper proposals are also welcome. Small and big scale propositions are wanted. Length of the presentations: min. 10 min., max. 75 min. or durational.

Please submit a word abstract of max. 2000 characters in English, accompanied by a short biography of max. 500 characters incl. your technical needs, by 10th of February 2020, to this adress:

We are also working on a digital archive, and are happy to receive video recordings of your artistic research with a short description to be projected in the foyer.

The symposium will be held in English at the Forum Stadtpark, Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz

Available spaces and technical equipment: Space with a daylight 5,6m x 14,6m,  projector and sound equipment available / Party cellar  - a concert stage, light and sound equipment available / A terrace 5,8m x 6,9m / A big park

Information about the symposium:



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