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University of Applied Arts, Artistic Research, Zentrum Fokus Forschung

FWF/PEEK project Kickoff:  */Neuromatic Game Art: Critical play with neurointerfaces */

 */Neuromatic Game Art: Critical play with neurointerfaces/*

Angewandte Innovation Lab presents:
Online Stream Soirée and live connected Neuro Performance,
Kickoff of the artistic research project.
Opening words Alexander Damianisch (head ZFF)
Margarete Jahrmann (project PI/game art)
Artistic research project supported by Austrian Research fund FWF/PEEK, lead University of Applied Arts Vienna in cooperation with national and international research partners, Philosophy of Media and Technology, University Vienna, Game Design/ Serious Game Research, Zurich University of the Arts and Computational Neuroscience, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg/ LMU Munich.

With members of the Neuromatic research group Vienna/Zurich:
Stefan Glasauer (computational neuroscience), Johannes Hucek (digital art), Charlotta Ruth (artistic research choreography), Thomas Wagensommerer (brainwave sonification), Anna Dobrosovestnova (device philosophy), Zarko Alexsic (neuro art), Insert Coin Zurich (game design).
Special appearance/project partners: Mark Coeckelbergh (technophilosopy), Ruth Schnell (digital arts), Isabelle Garzorz (experimental neuroscience).

Including a demonstration of the #NEUROMATIC BRAINWAVE BROADCAST series 2020 & Pre_launch of the activist brainwave inversion game art#01: NeuroFLOWer. Players from different locations in Zurich, Vienna and Munich are directly connected via Internet tunneling and Brain Computer Interfaces in a custom made neuro-game experiment. Including dark patterns of game design, subversive acts of neuro data sonification, activist brainwave communication as a means of expression — performed live online!

Parallel live processing of the event on #Neuromatic Brainwave Broadcast Channel



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