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We invite you to take part in an artistic exploration into Film and Media marking the Master Cohort’s graduation in June 2020 at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH).

This exposition takes its cue from the ongoing pandemic as each student shares their enquiry, their challenges and their visions for the future through:

Expositions in Research Catalogue 

Interviews via Zoom 

We are proud to present seventeen gifted, brave and research-ready students - all set to encounter the world:

  • Aliki Tsakoumi
  • Anneli Kustfält
  • Emma Creed
  • Fares Qadri
  • Franco Veloz
  • Jeroen Pool
  • Katta Pålsson
  • Kristina Frank
  • Lamin Daniel Jamada
  • Lisanne Fransen
  • Maja Maletkovic
  • Maria Walczuk
  • Rebecka Ekholm
  • Rubén Widén
  • Steven Vit
  • Ulrika Svensson
  • Jackel Chow

The Master's Programme in Film and Media

There are three course profiles within the Master’s Programme for Film and Media at SKH this year.

Narrative space - Production design for film and media focusses on visualisation and the art of designing and building environments for moving images. Production design is moving image storytelling using space, place, architecture and objects as narrative tools.

Teacher: Eli Bö

The Art of Impact has an international and interdisciplinary approach and a focus on narrative, audience, distribution and participation. Students with a desire to develop as professionals while critically reflecting on a range of artistic approaches explore the latest technology through seminar formats and lab processes in order to expand the field.

The Art of Impact online expositions on YouTube

Read the publication Art of Impact 2020

Teachers: Tinna Joné and Ulrika Malmgren

Documentary processes is aimed at documentary makers, artists and journalists wishing to develop and expand their knowledge of contemporary reality storytelling through both theory and practice.

Teachers: Bengt Bok and Erik Gandini

More information on FilmMediaExpo2020 on SKH's website.


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