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University College Cork, Department of Theatre

Call for applications: Queer Year, MA Theatre and Performative Practices

The Department of Theatre at University College Cork invites applications for the MA Theatre and Performative Practices Queer Year 2020-21. In this time of upheaval when the future of theatre, and of interpersonal exchange and social interaction have been thrown into a new kind of unknown,  outsider knowledges and the practices of difference have much to say and teach. For this year, the MA TPP has partnered with renowned Irish company THISISPOPBABY, whose affiliates will be providing mentorship three times in the year for students (see

The MA TPP is an intensive exploration of the possible futures of performance. This year, there will be a particular emphasis on how practices of embodied difference can contribute to advancing theory, practice, and praxis. Thesis possibilities include process-based and product-based models of experimental making and doing; new forms of social engagement through performance; and alternative-format blended writing and practice.

The MATPP at UCC is located in the artistically dynamic city of Cork, Ireland – the city of its size with one of the highest densities of cultural activity in Europe.

The deadline for applications is 30 June 2020. University College Cork will be commencing the academic year on 28 September, 2020 this year.

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