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Society of Artistic Research Special Interest Group (SAR SIG 1)

Language-Based Artistic Research

Towards curiosity and openness, exploration beyond definition: How is language-based artistic research? Beyond words alone, how is artistic research undertaken in and through different language-based practices? The focus on language within artistic research is considered from a broad and transforming perspective to include diverse fields such as visual arts, performance, film, theatre, music, choreography as well as literature. The intent is not to define or fix what language-based artistic research is but rather to reflect how it is practised in its diversity. 

Conceived and co-organised by Emma Cocker, Alexander Damianisch, Cordula Daus and Lena Séraphin, this Society of Artistic Research Special Interest Group (SAR SIG) provides a context for coming together via the exchange of language-based artistic research. A SIG website has now been launched – see

Emergent aims of the Special Interest Group include: to explore language as part of artistic research practice rather than as a tool of explication and accounting; to expand the idea of language-based practices (to include and to move beyond writing, reading, speaking, listening); to create contexts (physical and virtual) for language-based artistic researchers to show and share practices; identify examples of practice within the field of artistic research and to establish shared frames of reference; share the findings from projects and residencies that focus on language-based artistic research.

Call for Contributions: Artist-researchers working with language are invited to contribute to Practice Sharing, an online presentation of expanded approaches to language-based practice within the field of artistic research. Examples of language-based artistic research are invited focusing on specific practices, processes, approaches or methods; ways of working, constellations of activity or framing patterns, particular projects or lines of enquiry-in-practice. Deadline for submissions: 30 September 2020.  See full call here:


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