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Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf

Call for Applications (Oct 31) Epistemic Media / Transmedia Forms (Master of Music)

Epistemic Media (Master of Music)
Transmedia Forms  (Master of Music)

Yearly call for Applications, Deadline October 31, term beginning in April 2021.

Epistemic Media

The subject Epistemic Media is dedicated to free research and the development of new methods in humanities, science and artistic practice.

Research projects address topics like:

a) Experimental artistic approaches or the development of methods
b) Interactions with other disciplines and work at the interface between art and science
c) Art as an epistemic endeavor

Next to classical forms like text, a rich field of epistemic media is covered. Composition, film, installation and performance are important means of insight and discovery. Projects outcomes also include practices, formats and collectives.

Students and teachers work on projects such as an acoustically oriented field research, sound and image in documentary film, artistic thought with mathematical methods, open research and artistic commons, algorithmic music and the semiotics of sound, and the refinement of artistic research.

Transmedia Forms 

The subject Transmedia Forms is intended in particular for students pursuing artistic and compositional interests. Movement, change and oscillation are the basis of time-based art forms, with technical procedures closely interacting with new forms of artistic expression. Possible areas of projects include for example:

a) The interfaces between media (e.g., audio and video)
b) The relationship between movement and its conditions (e.g., composition and improvisation)
c) The composition of time-based sequences (e.g., narration and dramaturgy).

To foster interdisciplinary exchange and closely link research to teaching, the largely elective coursework for the Epistemic Media and Transmedia Forms concentrations overlaps considerably. The two specializations provide the theoretical, artistic and technical background indispensable for artistic and research practice at a high level.




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