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The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts

Knowledge in the Arts #6: Paul Craenen

September 1, 2022
15.00-17.00 CET, The Royal Academy of Music & Online

Venue: Musikhuset (Kammermusiksalen), Skovgaardsgade 2C, Aarhus, Denmark

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The presentation will be in English.
Moderated by Kristoffer Gansing (International Center for Knowledge in the Arts)

Flow, interruption and reflection in musical artistic research
Performing music requires an immersion and dedication that is different from talking or writing about that experience. Nevertheless, without words it is very difficult, if not impossible to conceptualise or integrate musical experience as a central locus of artistic research. Thus, artistic research in music usually relies on an alternation of positions inside and outside musical time. Relying on the first-person perspective of the researching musician, transfer of knowledge and experience from in-time to off-time positions and back is often taken for granted.

In this presentation, Paul Craenen explores limitations and possibilities of artist-researchers to combine positions of artistic proximity and reflective distance. He proposes the concept of musical artistic research as an interruptive practice, in which the systematic and conscious alternation of time positions relative to the musical flow can create the conditions for reflection and criticality.

About Paul Craenen
Paul Craenen is a researcher, composer and a frequently demanded expert at the intersection of artistic practice, education and research. He has been director of Musica, a Flemish organisation for art education, from 2012 to 2018. In early 2018 he was appointed Research Professor and head of the lectorate Music, Education and Society at the Royal Conservatory The Hague. He is also a staff member at The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) at Leiden University, where he teaches as a guest lecturer and is involved as a supervisor for artistic research.

About Knowledge in the Arts
In spring 2021, the International Center for Knowledge in the Arts, launched its lecture series, ”Knowledge in the Arts”. The focus is on transdisciplinary themes and current debates in Artistic Research, both within the Center institutions and in relation to artistic research’s wider relevance in society.

The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts is a knowledge resource for the seven institutions of higher arts education under the Danish Ministry of Culture. Our work is concentrated on Artistic Research as a fundamental part of the knowledge base of the art schools, which provides their employees possibilities to explore new paths of artistic practice. We host public and internal activities about knowledge in the arts and we administer the Cultural Ministry’s funding program for artistic research.

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