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University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG), Austria

ARTikulationen 2022 - A Festival of Artistic Research. 5-8 October 2022, Graz, AT

ARTikulationen is an annual international festival of artistic research that engages with artistic, aesthetic, social, and other human questions through integrated artistic and scholarly/scientific research approaches. Since 2016, Dr.artium candidates together with international artists, scholars and thinkers have been presenting and discussing their projects, most recent works, and results. ARTikulationen is organised by the Doctoral School for Artistic Research (KWDS) of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG).

This year’s edition ‘Subjective / Intersubjective’ on matters of intersubjectivity in artistic research combines keynotes by composer, sound artist, and musician Miya Masaoka, and by composer Juliana Hodkinson, with a panel discussion ‘Self and Other in Artistic Collaborations’ organised with ORF musikprotokoll. Located at the Theater im Palais (TiP) of KUG, ARTikulationen is co-funded by the State of Styria - Dep. 12 Economy, Tourism, Science and Research. It is directed by Deniz Peters, and co-directed and produced by Hanns Holger Rutz.

Over the course of 3 ½ days, you can hear, see, and discuss artistic research presentations from fields ranging from current acoustic, electroacoustic, and computer composition, historically informed and contemporary performance, to social sculpture by doctoral candidates Adela Liculescu, Elina Akselrud, Almog Segal, Raphael Fusco, HelÄ“na Sorokina, Jakob Stillmark, Daniele Pozzi, and Janhavi Dhamankar, plus two Rigorosa (viva voce presentations) by Boris Kuschnir and Márcio Steuernagel. The festival character appears not only through presentations in the form of examples from practice, but also in intermezzi (short live and filmed research performances) by doctoral candidates Lorenzo Orsengio, Samira Spiegel, Hugo Vasco Reis, Daniele Pozzi, Janhavi Dhamankar, Zsófia Faragó, Ilil Land-Boss, Jakob Stillmark, and Elina Akselrud, and in a performance by Marko Ciciliani.

All information can be found on the website:

Artistic researchers and all those interested in the state of the art in the field are warmly invited to the event. Free registration: . The Rigorosa will also be streamed online.




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