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Save the Date: KuvA Research Days 12-14.12.2022

The KuvA Research Days will be held in December 2022 at the Uniarts Helsinki’s Sörnäinen campus, in the Academy of Fine Arts building Mylly (Sörnäisten rantatie 19, Helsinki). The whole 2022 program will be published in November.

Monday 12.12.2022 and Tuesday 13.12.2022

Artistic research and city space

Host: Maiju Loukola, University Lecturer, Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki
The two first days of the event focus on artistic research, urban space, and spatial practices. The session themes include ‘Spaces of Exception’, 'Contingent practices, contingent artifacts and dispositives for very slow aesthetic observation’ and ‘Dérive Today’ (curated by Stefan Winter). Invited guests include Rachel Armstrong, Erna Bodström, Alex Arteaga, Mohamed Sleiman Labat, Tuomo Alhojärvi, Aino Hirvola, Tanja Tiekso, Paul Tiensuu, Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Anna Jensen and Eliisa Suvanto as well as Brigitta Stone-Johnson and Zen Marie. Parts of the program has been made possible through Uniarts Helsinki´s Academy of Fine Arts partnership with the Saastamoinen Foundation

Wednesday 14.12.2022

Applied Non-didactics
Host: Frank Brümmel, Lecturer, Doctoral researcher, Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki
The third day’s presentations and experiments will circle around the topic of artist as teacher / teaching at art schools and certain pedagogies that come with this or do not. We will look into questions of how artists can bring in their own artistic work into the teaching process as for how to bridge the gap from theoretical to practice led conversations. Talks by: Gert Biesta, Ava Grayson, Magnus Quaife, Hanna Vahvaselkä and Grant White.

Parallel events

Daily Disasters 7–15.12.2022

Exhibition by Jack Faber, Doctoral researcher, Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki  

Venue: Majakka (Lighthouse), Academy of Fine Arts, Mylly building, 6th floor (Sörnäisten rantatie 19, Helsinki)

Monday 12.12.2022

Presentation: Drone Zone

At 13:00 – 13:30
Drone Zone is a presentation of the artistic research and exhibition ‘Daily Disasters’, part of Jack Faber’s PhD project ‘Autonomous Animals’. The presentation consists of a short introduction to this essential part of the practice-based artistic research and a guided tour at the exhibition, situated in the ‘Lighthouse’ project space at uppermost floor of the Mylly building of the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.

‘Daily Disasters’ consists of a multi-space installation suggesting an artistic research site that has been hit by a drone. This transformation of the project space into a targeted area is done by re-arranging the theoretical and physical research materials into cinematic-sculptural acts. The piece is exploring the tensions between asymmetric structures, interspecies relations, security states and artistic research while experimenting with the production of new knowledge from fresh spatial perspectives. It aims to place the exhibition participants inside the research process, as an immediate event - which could not be experienced by any other means - and therefore questioning the remoteness and digitization of the surveillance economy which is at the heart of both drones’ activities and the escalating ecological crisis.

The exhibition is supported by VISEK and the Kone Foundation.

Exhibition 15.–22.12.2022

Mia Seppälä / Salla Myllylä / Tülay Schakir / Nanni Vapaavuori

Venue: The White Studio, Academy of Fine Arts, Mylly building (Sörnäisten rantatie 19, Helsinki)

Right after the KuvA Research Days 2022 the White Studio will serve as a space for presenting artistic research in the form of a group exhibition by four doctoral researchers from the Sörnäinen campus.

Image: polis variations, photo: ML.

On more information about the days, please visit the website






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