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Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg

Doctoral positions in Musical performance and interpretation

The Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg initiated doctoral education in artistic practices with a first recruitment of PhD researcher in year 2000, and has over the past decades built up an environment where research and education can interact, an environment that allows both cross-disciplinary and cross-faculty research projects as well as projects strongly focused on artistic immersion. Doctoral students meet regularly in interdisciplinary artistic forums both within the departments and at faculty level, including the artistic research school that the two departments Academy of Music and Drama, and HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design run jointly.

The Faculty has several research platforms in artistic subjects, among them the conference and publishing platform PARSE (Platform for Artistic Research) which organizes an international research conference every two years, and PLACE (Public Life, Arts & Critical Engagement). These platforms serve as meeting places and resources for doctoral students and researchers with regular events, conferences and seminars.

Read and download previously produced doctoral dissertations from the Faculty HERE

The doctoral subject musical performance and interpretation at the Academy of Music and Drama works with issues that are relevant to the field of music, artistic research and society in general. The subject encompasses the entire field of music, regardless of genre or form of expression, and includes the specializations of interpretation, composition, improvisation, and music theory.

The doctoral student carries out an independent artistic research project in which the own artistic practice forms a central part of the knowledge development. Other research methods are drawn from both the scientific and artistic fields. Musical performance and interpretation strives for interaction and cross-fertilisation between artistic and scientific forms of work and the development of new research methods.

The studies comprise 240 credits, which is equivalent to four years of full-time study. The education consists of a course component of 60 credits and a dissertation component of 180 credits. The course part is organized through compulsory faculty-wide basic courses, a compulsory subject-specific introductory course and individually chosen courses. In addition, there are compulsory doctoral seminars at the department. 

As a doctoral student, you will be part of the collegiate of Music at the Academy of Music and Drama and you are expected to interact with the education at bachelor and master levels. Similarly, your active participation in the research environment of both the department and the faculty means that you are physically present and involved in the daily work.

Deadline 1 February 2023. Read more and apply HERE




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