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Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland

The call for CARPA8 presentations

The Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke) of the Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki in collaboration with the Comparative Dramaturgy and Performance Research Programme of the Theatre Academy (CDPR), University of the Arts Helsinki are announcing the eight international conference on artistic research:

by moving”

an ambulatory colloquium & laboratory

DATES: 24–26 August 2023
VENUE: Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland


CARPA8 combines colloquium and laboratory by bringing together two processual activities and keeping them in motion: dramaturgy and artistic research. The event, dynamic in form and content, aims to combine embodied artistic practice with timely conceptualisation and theorisation to enquire what happens to artistic research when it takes a dramaturgical twist. We will assemble artists and practitioners from the performing arts field with innovators, researchers and theorists to explore, experiment and discuss how expanded notions of dramaturgy and artistic research cross-fertilise each other and expand into other fields.

Please before submitting your proposal read more about the CARPA8 Vision Statement here

Themes and questions

CARPA8 invites presentation proposals that relate to or engage with the following themes and questions:

Transitions and transgressions

  • How do dramaturgy and artistic research together challenge their separate conventions, conceptualizations and working methods?
  • How can artistic research and dramaturgical thinking engage each other in a motion that contributes meaningfully to answering the acute problems of our society (ecological, economic and geopolitical crises, structural discrimination, ethical issues of technological advancements etc.)?
  • How do dramaturgy and artistic research hold the opportunity for positive utopias?
  • How might dramaturgy be tactically employed as a commons? How might it offer a mode of non-linear, non-hierarchical, non-binary experiential engagement with artistic research processes?

Thresholds and frictions

  • How might we engage with dramaturgy and artistic research as co-designing methods?
  • How do dramaturgy and artistic research generate context, matter and meaning?
  • What are the unconscious patterns that limit dramaturgy and/or artistic research?
  • How is knowledge produced through artistic research? How does dramaturgy interrupt these processes of thought and production?

Algorithmization and automated movement

  • How does the widespread algorithmization of many vital societal functions impact dramaturgy and artistic research?
  • How can scores and algorithms as scores be utilized as/in dramaturgical and/or artistic research?
  • What does working with robots and other algorithmic systems afford dramaturgy-led performance practices and artistic research?
  • What do algorithms and automated movements do to human and more-than-human bodies and materials in dramaturgy and artistic research?  

Please find the full Call for Presentations announcement and the link to the application form here






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