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Conference Call: Operation on the Open Heart
Art Research Driven Education and its Societal Impact

A Conference by the University of Applied ArtsVienna and the SAR
30-31 October 2014.

Artistic practice lies at the very heart of society. The aim of this event is to investigate the implications of this via the operations in the field of artistic research. Operation on the Open Heart brings together international artistic researchers and colleagues exploring how artistic practice advances society through insight-driven educational activities. International developments on relevant educational levels will be presented and discussed in different formats. The conference will be organised following the positive experience of the Stockholm event Loitering with Intent in March 2014.

Information/Call: Further information will be provided in due course. In the meantime, we welcome proposals for contributions from SAR members and beyond. Please make a statement of interest by 10 September 2014:

Portal Partner Meeting

The next Portal Partner Meeting will take place November 3-4 2014 at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.


New Institutional Members

SAR welcomes the following new institutional members:

CCW Research and Graduate School, University of the Arts London
Delft University of Technology
Leiden University
Orpheus Institute, Ghent
Statens Scenekunstskole, Copenhagen
Stockholm University of the Arts
University of Brighton, Faculty of Arts
University of the Arts Helsinki


Funding opportunities

SAR would like to notify its membership that we are willing to consider supporting funding proposals through our international network and the expertise of our membership. Please contact a member of the Executive Board with your proposal(s).

Announcements & news channels

We are discussing the possibility of our membership being able to make announcements directly to the SAR website. We will announce further details when we have a date for this function becoming available.

Please also check out our Facebook page:

This is a place where you can share news with the artistic research community – so please “Like” the page for artistic research-related updates and ex-changes.



Submission Deadlines

As interest in the journal is growing, we are now publishing three issues a year. We invite submissions for JAR issues 7 and 8. The deadlines for consideration are August 31 and November 30 2014. In addition there is a special issue on “Criticism”:




The RC workspace has been revised, making it much easier to use. There is also a new note tool, allowing for annotations on a page in the form of 'Post It' notes. Further enhancements are planned. For details of updates:

New Terms of Use

The Geberal Assembly approved revisions to the RC Terms of Use. These are on the RC website:

Journal of Sonic Studies (JSS)

JSS published their first issue using the RC:

Call: SHAPE – Artistic Research and the Institutional Impact (only German)

The issue 10/1 of the ZFHE (March 2015) is devoted to the topic "Artistic Research in Colleges and Universities – from Idea, Sketch and Realization“. The editors of the issue are Ulf Bästlein (University of Music and Performing Arts Graz), Karin van den Berg (Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen), Doris Carstensen (Vienna), Alexander Damianisch (University of Applied Arts Vienna), Julie Harboe (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts), Bettina Henkel (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna) and Andre Zogholy (University of Art and Design Linz).
Publication date is 20 March 2015. Deadline for the submission of the full paper is 26 September 2014. Content and organizational details see on ZFHE portal at

Call:  RC Residency Curator

With the platform of the Research Catalogue, the Society for Artistic Research offers a distinct format to publish and discuss Artistic Research. As a way to spur the discussion and reflection on how this space interacts with different media and other forms of presentations, SAR has organised events and podiums over recent years (2013 'Mind the Gap' and 2014 'Loitering with Intent'). SAR now offers the possibility for a curator to invite, exchange and explore the potential of the RC platform for a year, inviting 3-4 artists to expose research-related elements of their work. For more information please contact Julie Harboe:



Loitering with Intent: A Feast of Research

Stockholm University of the Arts and SAR co-hosted a major artistic research event: Loitering with Intent: A Feast of Research (March 5-8 2014)

The event brought together Stockholm University of the Arts (UNIARTS, inaugurated on January 1 2014) and the Society for Artistic Research (SAR) to explore formats for sharing knowledge that emerge from artistic research practices at UNIARTS’ new premises at Linnégatan 87F in central Stockholm. The days were framed through the artist collective Post Restante and offered participants a variety of presentation formats across three floors of the building, including performances and exhibitions of research projects from artists such as Florian Dombois, Kristina Hagström-Ståhl, Paul Landon, Brita Lemmens, Tero Nauha, Poste Restante, Michael Schwab, Koen Vanmechelen, Magnus William Olsson, Rasmus Ölme, and more, installations focusing on the readings of JAR, workshops analysing contributions, reviewing the reviews, and reflecting on how the networks forming in artistic research could work for the community. Loitering with Intent thus offered a Feast of Research, seeking to celebrate the fragile balance between sensory, situated and spoken forms of knowledge.

The event was very well attended, with 238 registered participants from 17 different countries, and featured a wide variety of contributions spanning artistic disciplines and media. With parallel sessions on each day, an element of repetition was built into the programme so that visitors could catch presentations/performances on different days. RC workshops, on setting up an account and using the RC, proved a popular attraction and  were appreciated by those attending.
Learn more about Stockholm University of the Arts:

SAR General Assembly

In conjunction with Loitering with Intent, the annual General Assembly of the Society for Artistic Research took place at UNIARTS on the 8th March. Individual as well as institutional members were recruited on the day and participated in a wide-ranging discussion led by Efva Lilja concerning the role of networks for artists and artistic researchers. For details of the General Assembly see Minutes on the SAR website:



Publication / Exhibition Out of the box. 10 questions on artistic resarch

Exposing artistic research is a challenge; the exhibition out of the box. 10 questions on artistic research at the University of the Applied Arts Vienna, at the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, sought to address this challenge, bringing ten different research projects (funded via the Austrian Science Fund/PEEK) together. The exhibition is now documented in a single volume.

For further details, please contact:



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