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Stockholm University of the Arts

SKH Research Week 2023

Welcome to the Stockholm University of the Arts Research Week 17–20 January 2023, which this year will be held both on-site and live-streamed on our website.

During the week, artistic research and development projects are presented by doctoral students and senior researchers at SKH. The purpose of the Research Week is to share, experience and exchange the many different approaches to, and perspectives on, the artistic research happening at SKH.

Read more about the Research Week on SKH website.

Contributions by Cecilia Roos, Martin Sonderkamp, Hara Alonso, Johanna Garpe, Camilla Damkjaer, Katarina Lundmark, Ninnie Andersson, Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt, Pernilla Ahlstrand, Marie-Andrée Robitaille, Alisan Funk, Anna Lindal, Andreas Hiroui Larsson, Johan Jutterström, Marcia Nemer Jentzsch, Jaroslaw Jan Kaliski, Charlie Åström, Ylva Hofvander Trulsson, Maria Hedman Hvitfeldt, Mamdooh Afdile, Alexander Skantze, Linda Janson, Mirko Lempert, Marc Johnson, Karin Rudfeldt, Åsa Johannisson, Ulrika Malmgren, Tinna Joné, Jenny Sunesson, Josephine Rydberg, Nadja Lipsyc, Ellen Røed, Ellen Nyman, Kent Olofsson, Max Edkvist, Magnus Bunnskog, Karl Sandzen, Hanna Husberg, Agata Marzecova, Mamdooh Afdile, Anders Bohman, Thomas Brennan, VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research and more.




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