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Binational Artistic PhD program of University of the Arts - HfK Bremen.

Crystal Room - Artistic Research residencies at GAK project space.

In the course of an in-depth inquiry into their artistic research projects, candidates of the Binational PhD Program of HfK Bremen share specific parts of their projects during a series of residencies at the GAK project space. Candidates will experiment with and center on a particular aspect of their research, focusing on a salient fraction, a minuscule detail or a striking sensation by zooming in.

The residencies curate a wide range of artistic articulations that encompass installations, displays of processes, discussions, lectures, performances and concerts.

During the duration of the residencies, PhD candidates will diffract their investigations from the Amorphous early stages of the crystals to the Crystallization of ideas and of phenomena.

Program 2023:

February: Group work with
Icaro Lopez de Mesa 1-5, Victor Artiga 6-11, Franzi Bauer 12-16, Christian Rosales. 20-25

March: Irena Kukrić 13-31.
April: Joosten Müller 1-16,  Elburuz Fidan 17-30.
May: Harm Coordes 2-18, 
May 22 til June 11: Luiz Zanotello

The concrete public program of every timeslot will be announced prior to its start.
The first public event of the Crystal Room will take place on the 5th of February with a performance and installation of Icaro Lopez de Mesa at 17h.

Students of the Binational Artistic PhD of University of the Arts Bremen, supervised by Prof. Dr. Andrea Sick in cooperation with GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst.

For more info:
Instagram: @artisticphd_hfkbremen

Poster design: Farzad Golghasemi @dis___orient + Concept: Icaro Lopez de Mesa. @nenedelsolar 




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