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Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

Rectification: Auditions for Master in Dance Residency

You can now apply for the Master in Dance auditions at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.

Rectification: Deadline for registration is 27 February 2023 and not 12 February as it was written in the original announcement.

The Master in Dance at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp is a two-year residence in collaboration with DE SINGEL International Arts Centre, designed to deepen dance artists’ individual artistic trajectories. It offers dance artists the opportunity to undertake practice-centred research, which is based on and led by the embodied artistic practices each participant brings in.

The concept of 'embodied artistic research' is the starting point of the Master in Dance. Performance and dance practices consist, not only but largely, of embodied practices – practices that work in, through and out of the moving body.  How to embody knowledge? Which knowledge to embody?  When is such an embodiment artistic practice? How can we formulate strategies, frames and methods to deepen this practice? And at what point during this process can we talk of research? What does artistic research entail, when it is carried out through forms of embodiment? Which translations and other media than the body come into play when rendering artistic practice research?

Individual residency time, where you are supported by artistic advisers is alternated with collective and intensive workshops to broaden your knowledge around dance, choreography, dramaturgy, sound, curation, scenography, light design, fashion, documenting/archiving dance, writing and publishing.

Through a comprehensive approach, this Master in Dance aims to thoroughly reconfigure what it means to be a dance artist today.


On campus auditions are held on 14 March 2023. 


The programme starts in September 2023.





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