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Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU

Master of Fine Arts

Application deadline: March 1, 2023

Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
N-7491 Trondheim
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We are searching for students with the courage to push the boundaries of artistic knowledge production; students who are ready to take risks; who try, together with us, to understand what it means to be in this world and respond to today’s urgencies and inequalities with the means of art. At the same time, we want to learn and enjoy the power and beauty of acting together - for a common good and the knowledge necessary for a better world.

We are searching for students who aren´t afraid of cross-pollination between academic domains that are usually separated; students who strive to explore artistic intelligences and put a multiplicity of practices into motion. Our goal is to both investigate and experience the societal impact and potential value of the work of artists - often arising from a wide range of collaborations with renowned colleagues from the fields of science and theory, culture and technology.

The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (KIT) is a department at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. KIT is part of one of Scandinavia’s largest universities frequented by 40,000 students and over 12,000 employees. For students in contemporary art, this unique situation provides exciting opportunities and ever growing potential to be explored.

KIT's artistic research clusters set out to investigate how to activate, engage and showcase art, culture and creativity as a true driver of green and digital transitions.

The International MFA program at KIT is a two-year program developed for artists to get acquainted with emerging forms of artistic entrepreneurship and to become familiar with both fundamental concepts and advanced practices in artistic research. Together, students and faculty at KIT set out to revisit and rethink the role of art in society, while critically engaging in societal and environmental challenges, modes of trans-disciplinary collaboration and experimentation to further knowledge transfer, social change, and societal transformation.

Current teaching faculty comprises of artists, activists, performance artists and educators working across the fields of material and spatial practices, painting and beyond, art and common space, digital performance and telematic improvisation, visual intervention, art theory and documentary practices.

Students in the International MFA program are assigned a studio space and have access to the department fabrication workshops and media facilities. Each student is assigned two professors for individual supervision. Graduates from the MFA program achieve the formal qualification to apply for the new PhD program in Artistic Research at KIT.

Exchange and international residencies
Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts is an active member of the KUNO network, an international exchange of the Nordic and Baltic Fine Arts academies and numerous international institutions of higher education in the arts within the Erasmus+ program.


Applications are now open at NTNU. Please read the required documentation section first. Additional information about portfolio submission can be found in the application guidelines.

All applicants: March 1, 2023

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