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Research Focus Cultural Analysis in the Arts. Zurich University of the Arts

INSERT #3 Participatory Critique: Transversal Boundary Crossings

The third issue of INSERT. Artistic Practices as Cultural Inquiries is dedicated to artistic, curatorial and mediating practices that conceive partaking (German: Teilhabe) in a relational way. They seek to deconstruct inclusions and exclusions on a level of immanence to decidedly situate themselves in the given powerful, sociocultural, political, economic and media-technological conditions and have a transforming effect on them. With contributions by Amalia Barboza, Marcel Bleuler, Ana Longoni, Rachel Mader, Eduardo Molinari/Archivo Caminante, Mariel R. Rodríguez, Sally Schonfeldt, Pascale Schreibmüller, and an introduction by the editors Elke Bippus and Julia Wolf. View issue

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