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The Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki

Professor of artistic research

The Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki is recruiting a

professor of artistic research

for a fixed-term and part-time (50%) substitute post starting from 1 September 2023 or as agreed and until 31 May 2028.

The Performing Arts Research Centre Tutke is responsible for doctoral education and research at Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy. It promotes artistic research on the performing arts and their pedagogy. Research through and in the arts is academic, multi-disciplinary, and community-based. Tutke is a leading centre for artistic research on the performing arts, and its research community is internationally networked.

Job description 

The professor of artistic research is part of the staff at the Theatre Academy’s Performing Arts Research Centre at the University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki). The professor of artistic research:

  • is, for their own part, responsible for the teaching within the doctoral programme at the Performing Arts Research Centre
  • is responsible for the artistic-pedagogical decision-making and development in cooperation with the staff of their unit
  • carries out artistic research and supervises doctoral research projects
  • participates in the planning of the centre’s entrance examinations and jury work
  • is a member in the Theatre Academy’s administrative and other bodies and contributes to the development of Uniarts Helsinki
  • actively follows the fields represented by the Theatre Academy and interacts with society and engages in international cooperation.

Upon a separate agreement, the post of professor of artistic research may also include duties of a research centre director.

The position requires working in Finland for the duration of the employment relationship. Thus, the assignment requires the professor to reside in Finland for the duration of the employment relationship.

Eligibility and competence requirements 

A person selected for the post of professor is required to have a doctorate, versatile and good teaching skills, as well as history of pedagogical studies or pedagogical competence gained in some other manner. Other requirements include the ability to provide teaching that is based on insightful artistic activities and research. More information about minimum qualifications required from a professor at Uniarts Helsinki is available via this link.

In addition, carrying out the job duties of the professor of artistic research requires excellent artistic merits and high-level and wide-ranging expertise in artistic research in one of the artistic fields represented by the Theatre Academy. The post requires interaction skills, management experience and the ability to develop and renew the education and research in the field. The professor must have experience in international activities and networking, research projects, publication activities in the field as well as university administrative duties.

Applicants’ supervision skills will be assessed based on not only documentation provided in accordance with the required application material but also based on separate supervising demonstrations and interviews that will be had with applicants who are selected to advance in the recruitment process.

Language skills 

The languages of instruction at the Theatre Academy are Finnish, Swedish and English. The language of instruction in this professor position is English. All applicants are required to have an excellent command of English. Language skills will be assessed in relation to the duties of the post. 

Salary and working time 

The post follows the total working time system, where the annual workload is 1,612 hours, as defined in the collective agreement. The working time of this professor post (50%) is 806 hours per year. The job-specific salary component will be based on level 8–9 of the requirement scheme for teaching and research positions in the salary system of Finnish universities. In addition, the appointee will be paid a salary component based on personal work performance.

How to apply 

Apply for the position by 21 May 2023 at 23:59 (UTC +3) at the latest by using Uniarts Helsinki’s online recruitment system. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt after submitting your application (it is a good idea to check the spam folder if you cannot find the email with your username information in your inbox). Attach the following documents as PDF files in English in your application: 

  1. A free-form letter of motivation where you explain why you are applying for the professor post and how you would like to develop the field of artistic research at Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy
  2. CV and list of publications
  3. Portfolio presenting the artistic and research-oriented work that is relevant to the post
  4. The applicant can also submit a maximum of three copies of publications that are relevant to the post. These publications can also be multi-media and digital.


Without jeopardising the uniform treatment of applicants, Uniarts Helsinki reserves the right to leave the position unfilled or to continue the application period. 

More information 

  • About the content of the post: Professor Eeva Anttila
  • About the application procedure: Service and Personnel Manager Laura Jännes or Planning Officer Anna Kotka 


Email addresses follow the format firstname.lastname(at) 




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