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Utrecht Summer School

Course 'Supervising Artistic and Practice-based Research' (August 21-25, 2023; Utrecht, NL)

What are good practices of artistic and practice-based research supervision? This week-long course explores the heterogeneous processes of PhD- and postdoc-supervision in the arts with the goal of formulating shared horizons.
The course is divided into a morning and an afternoon programme. In the morning, prepared propositions will be read out (among others by Andrea Philips, Northumbria University; Mick Wilson, Gothenburg University; Christa-Maria Lerm-Hayes, University of Amsterdam; Geoff Cox, London South Bank University; and - online - Barbara Bolt, Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne) and further discussion will take place in on-site breakout groups about the insights and ideas provided. The afternoon programme focuses on practices introduced by the participants. Practices can focus on presenting and sharing a “good practice” or on discussing a concrete problem statement, all pertaining to PhD- and postdoc-supervision in the arts. In both cases, a relationship should be established with the question of pedagogical formats for sustaining a generative learning space for artistic and practice-based supervision.
Taken together, propositions and practices will focus on topics such as: experimental formats of teaching, learning, and research; existing pedagogical formats (group supervision, multilateral supervision, seminars, focus weeks, retreats); how to understand peer review; the question of the balance between individual feedback (tutorials) and collective feedback; institutional preconditions; skills across making and research; the discursive component and styles of writing; the role and significance of the performative paradigm; ethics in supervision; commitment to the logics of practice; modes of critical self-reflection (knowledge of your own strength and weaknesses); and supervising collaborative projects. 
A possible outcome of the course could be to consolidate our collective mappings into a constructive and inspiring toolkit for researchers, supervisors, and evaluators. This toolkit is necessarily infused with attention for the question of how artistic and practice-based research relates or should relate to current societal and planetary urgencies. A first draft of such a toolkit titled Setting and Reflecting on the Conditions from Within: A prospective and retrospective toolkit for artistic and practice-based researchers and their supervisors was developed in 2021-22 by Maibritt Borgen, Jacob Lund, and Iris van der Tuin with contributions of Henk Slager and will be further developed during the Summer School.
Practical information
Dates: August 21-25, 2023
Venue and co-organizing partner: BAK, basis voor aktuele kunst, Utrecht (Pauwstraat 13A, NL-3512 TG)
More information and registration
Registration is possible until June 1. The selection of participants will take place from 1 April during the application process.




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