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AADK Spain

Performance Intensive - Embodied Research in Spain, August 1-15, 2023

AADK Spain invites applications for a two-week performance intensive led by artist Raegan Truax. Working with the human body as a site of knowledge, creation, and connectivity, the performance intensive gives all participants the opportunity to be in nature, to quiet distractions, to alter their relationship to time and space, and to focus on their creative and artistic growth.

The Performance Intensive is carried out in Centro Negra, the current headquarters of AADK Spain. This special site combined with the unique spatiotemporal practices of our lead artist will offer participants the opportunity to work in ways that normal research environments and linear time schedules do not allow. The rhythms of our bodies, surrounded by rocky mountains, the Segura River, and citrus orchards will be listened to and explored. 

This call ends on May 30, 2023.

Find detailed information and the terms and conditions of this call here

To apply, complete this Registration Form 

Duration of residency

15 days, August 1-15


Two accommodation options are available:

1) single room in a house or apartment, with a shared kitchen and bathroom

2) shared room in a shared house with a shared kitchen and bathroom

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Artists and researchers of any background and level of experience are eligible for this call. This call is also of special interest for those who wish to explore durational performance practices or alternative spatiotemporal methods. 

Fees and support

€1,250 if you opt for a single room in a house or apartment with a shared kitchen and bathroom

€975 if you opt for a shared room in a shared house with a shared kitchen and bathroom 

*letters of acceptance are provided for funding purposes

*The reservation fee of 50% of the full payment for the Performance Intensive must be received by the 30th of May to ensure your place and accommodations. The remaining fee can be paid in advance or upon arrival in August. 

What’s Included

14 days accommodation from August 1 – August 15.

10-day performance intensive led by Raegan Truax.

Artist work spaces & access to common areas and outdoor space.

Welcome Dinner.

Lunches on Workshop Days as well as coffee/tea & snacks.

Individual mentoring and studio visits with Raegan Truax.

Curatorial visit by AADK Spain.

Documentation of your work (photo & video).




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