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Arts Cabinet / Editorial Ways into Knowing

Ways into Knowing is a long-term multi-part project undertaken by Arts Cabinet, connecting with its mission to explore forms of knowing at the intersection between art and research.

The first iteration of Ways into Knowing took the form of an online Editorial, pulling together contributions from artists, theorists, curators, experimenters and collectives who considered the topic by providing a lens into their own research and practice. The result is a rich assemblage of films conversations, essays, reflections, interviews, performances, games and experiments.

To conclude the first iteration of Ways into Knowing, we invited Dr. Rebecca Hill to produce a reflection piece in the form of a response to the Editorial.

In her essay In the Emergence of a Work of Art or a Creation of any Kind, there is Always Excess, the author relates her thinking on the concept of the interval to the artists’ contributions that make up the Editorial.

This threshold has many names in Irigaray’s writing, including the interval, difference, the in-between, the remainder and the space of silence. What is this threshold of many names? The interval is both material and immaterial, spatial, and temporal, and beyond any effort at rigid definition. This living concept can be gestured at with language but remains beyond language.

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Arts Cabinet 2016-2022: A Report

The report highlights the main activities undertaken by Arts Cabinet since its inception in 2016, featuring its story, mission, outcomes. In addition to capturing astonishing visual stories and projects from artists and researchers globally, this report channels comments from contributors, partners, beneficiaries and viewers - giving a sense of who we are, and how our work produces impact.

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Image credits:
Above - The Unknown Known Diagram, Nikolaus-Gansterer, 2011
Below - Arts Cabinet report 2016-2022


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