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Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP)

8th SOPHIA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Landscapes of Care: photography, film, modern architecture and landscape heritage

The 8th Sophia Journal International Conference will present a live and videoconference program organised by CEAU / FAUP and the event will be broadcasted live online, encompassing a rich and diverse program around: (i) roundtables for each panel concerning a focused topic coming from Sophia´s comprehensive call; (ii) presentation of articles and visual essays submitted; (iii) Photography exhibition: The Idea of Álvaro Siza.

This International Conference integrates the thematic cycle “Landscapes of Care”, addressing contemporary photographic and visual practices that focus on how architecture understood in a wide sense can help to heal a broken planet. The concept of “Landscapes of Care” has increasingly been adopted by diverse areas of study, from health geography to the arts, architecture and heritage preservation. It is used here in order to understand and document modern architecture, building, city and territory as living and inclusive organisms, as well as heritage resources for global sustainability. 

Modern architecture is a ‘heritage at risk’ as it belongs to a recent past that has not yet been sufficiently recognised by the authorities, scholars and general public. Our aim is to explore the ways in which photography and film can be used as meaningful instruments of research into the socioeconomic, political, historical, technical and ecological dimensions of modern architecture, city and territory.

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Meeting ID: 919 6579 4170
Password: 410878


LANDSCAPES OF CARE: photography, film, modern architecture and landscape heritage 

Landscapes of care: photography, film, modern architecture and landscape heritage invited theoretical and field work where architectural photography and film-making are descriptive, analytical and interpretive, communicating original perceptions and new understandings of modern architecture and landscapes. Photography and film projects that will allow us to show how modern buildings and landscapes have responded to and reflect the local conditions of their production and importance.  Projects which critique and expand our understanding of what constitutes modern architecture and landscape, in terms of its language, locations, functions, creators, patrons and public.

Photography and film work that can allow us to see the social dimension of architecture and landscape, to understand architecture as Alvar Aalto did, “as a great synthetic process of combining thousands of definite human functions” to contribute to a greater understanding of modern architecture’s and landscape’s potential for a more ecological and sustainable balance and interplay between architecture and nature.

The Conference, on the 15th of September, will be presenting the selection of the best theoretical papers and visual essays submitted to our Call. Being organised in 3 panels, it will constitute a live forum for debating photography, film, modern architecture and landscape heritage, among other stimulating issues central to discuss what we have proposed in our Call.


INTEGRATED PROGRAM TO CONFERENCE: Exhibition the Idea of Álvaro Siza by Mark Durden and João Leal

The exhibition shows the photographic work developed around two of Siza´s paradigmatic buildings, which are the Carlos Ramos Pavilion and the Faculty of Architecture of Porto, resulting in the publication of the the first of the three volumes of the collection 'scopionewspaper journal The Idea of Álvaro Siza.

About The Idea of Álvaro Siza

The Idea of Álvaro Siza is a photographic project that has its origins in the work developed by Mark Durden and João Leal in response to Siza's architecture since 2017.

The project involving a selection of architectural buildings designed by Álvaro Siza has been supported from the outset by the research group Architecture, Arte and Image - CEAU | AAI – and has given rise to the editorial | graphic design project scopionewspaper journal The Idea of Álvaro Siza with the seal of scopio Editions, being also supported by the University of South Wales.

The Idea of Álvaro Siza understands architecture as both subject and artistic matter exploring a visual strategy that moves away from traditional mainstream architectural photography. It expands the comprehension of architecture, investigating photography’s ability as a unique form of expression, capable of creating a visual narrative that moves between the real and the poetic. The photography series of this project allow viewers to sense both the magical experience that Siza’s architectural spaces produce for us and how light and nature interplay within those spaces and how Siza’s spatial forms relate with the context, offering a deeper understanding of the architect’s oeuvre.

The project is now expanding to include works by other architects. In 2023, in addition to the publication “Ocean Swimming Pool”, two more will be launched focused on the work of Carlos Scarpa and Aldo Rossi, namely “Brion Memorial” and “Aldo Rossi: San Cataldo Cemetry”.

About the curatorial work of the Exhibition The Idea of Álvaro Siza in Pavilion Carlos Ramos

It was sought to explore a site-oriented approach to the exhibition The Idea of Álvaro Siza in the Pavilion Carlos Ramos taking advantage of the building´s unique architectural characteristics in terms of natural light, rich relations between interior and exterior spaces and the white boards of many walls ready to be pinned with students work.

The objective was to communicate and exhibit the work in a more alternative way, as well as related to the project concept itself, withstanding from common strategies and challenge the viewer's relationship to the work exhibited, exploring the “architectural promenade” concept and trying to break any sequential monotony and barriers between the work and the public.


15th and 16th of September 2023


The Conference will be held in person and online at FAUP - Auditorium Fernando Távora - and the Exhibition will take place in Carlos Ramos Pavilion.




Pedro Leão Neto (FAUP)

Hugh Campbell (UCD)
Igea Troiani (LSBU)
João Leal (P.PORTO / ESMAD)
Mark Durden (USW/eCDR)
Olívia Marques da Silva (P.PORTO / ESMAD)
Rikke Munck Petersen (KU)
Teresa Ferreira (FAUP/CEAU) 

Antonio Da Silva (University of Essex), Alexandra Trevisan (ESAP/CEAA), Andreia Garcia (UBI / CIAUD), Carlos Lobo (EA.UCP), Cristina Gaston Guirao (ETSAB, UPC), Davide Deriu (Uni of Westminster), Eduardo Fernandes (EAUM), Finola O'Kane (UCD), Francisco Ferreira (EAUM), Gary Boyd (QUB / NBE), Gul Kacmaz (Queens University), Hamed Khosravi (Architectural Association School of Architecture), Inaki Bergara (Arquitectura / Unizar), Inês Moreira (EAUM), Jesus Vassallo (Rice University), Jose Angel Hidalgo Arellano (Manchester School of Architecture), Louis D'Arcy-Reed (York St John University), Luís Urbano (FAUP/ CEAU)

, Louis D'Arcy-Reed (York St John University), Olivia Marques da Silva Silva (P.PORTO / ESMAD), Martin Søberg (KADK), Paulo Catrica (UNL), Pedro Freitas (CEAU / FAUP), Peter Sealy (Uni of Toronto), Tiago Cruz (CEAU / FAUP), Tordis Berstrand (CRAC - Crosscultural Research on Architecture Collective), Wes Aelbrecht (Cardiff University)


Maria Neto (CEAU / FAUP - UBI)
Nuno Grande (FCTUC / CES)
Paulo Catrica (UNL)

Rita Castro Neves (FBAUP)

João Leal
Mark Durden
Pedro Leão Neto


Moderators Panel #1 | Types
Hugh Campbell
Teresa Ferreira

Moderators Panel #2 | Places
Igea Troiani
Mark Durden

Moderators Panel #3 | Processes
João Leal
Rikke Munck Petersen

Moderators Panel #4 | Documentary artistic publications about architecture
Olívia Marques da Silva

Birgit Schilke Hammer/Leonie Bunte
Ciro Miguel
Corné Strootman
Giulio Galasso (Visual Essays)
Jasna Galjer
Joao Gadelho Noves Tavares
Julia Maria Bezerra de Fabbrian
Lars Rolfsted Mortensen (Visual Essays)
Millicent Gunner (Visual Essays)
Richard Williams
Sotiria Alexiadou Colonas
Tonia Carless (Visual Essays)

Ana Miriam Rebelo
Sara Masi

FAUP / CEAU and Sophia Journal / scopio Editions

Né Santelmo
Artur Leão


15 and 16 September 2023

The Conference will be held in person at FAUP - Auditório Fernando Távora - on the 15th of September and the Exhibition will take place at Carlos Ramos Pavilion on the 16th.


Meeting ID: 919 6579 4170

Password: 410878




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