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Stockholm University of the Arts

Professor of Artistic Practices and Vice-Rector of Research

Stockholm University of the Arts, SKH, educates and conducts artistic research in circus, dance, dance pedagogy, film, media, opera, performing arts and acting. The width of art forms gives us unique opportunities for cross-artistic co-creation and development. Through pioneering education and research, we want to strengthen the power and ability of art to meet the challenges of society today.

SKH has about five hundred students and two hundred and fifty employees. We are currently located in five different buildings on Gärdet and Östermalm and plan to move into a joint building in Slakthusområdet in 2029.

In 2016, as the first arts university in Sweden, we were granted permission to award doctoral degrees. With the emerging environment for artistic research, we can deepen and strengthen the education of tomorrow's artists, educators and researchers.

SKH has an active dialog with the surrounding society, both regionally, nationally and internationally. The university runs and participates in several collaborative projects with universities and other organisations across the globe. We organise international meeting places and also have hundreds of public events annually.

We welcome your application for the position as Professor of Artistic Practices in a subject relevant to the activities of SKH with a Vice-Rector assignment.

As a professor, you are a leader in your artistic field and the quality of your work is at the highest international level. In addition, you must have both deep and broad knowledge in your artistic field. You participate actively and represent SKH in the national and international artistic research environment. As a professor, you are expected to be able to teach and supervise at all levels and work to strengthen the link between research and education.

We are looking for someone who can take on a time-limited assignment as Vice-Rector of Research, which means overall responsibility for artistic research at SKH. In the assignment, you report directly to the Vice-Chancellor.

In the assignment as Vice-Rector of  Research, you are ultimately responsible for third-cycle education, which includes responsibility for developing and coordinating research and third-cycle education throughout SKH. As Vice-Rector of Research, it is important to create the conditions for a stimulating, sustainable and attractive research environment with high quality. The assignment requires an ability to develop SKH's research further and continuously build good relations with external actors both nationally and internationally.

Own artistic research may be included in the duties by agreement with the Vice-Chancellor, as well as some teaching and supervision. The tasks also include following developments in artistic research and other societal developments that are important for the work at the university.

As a professor you will have an important role in the work of building a common culture of openness and collaboration at SKH, as well as in the creation of a good work environment.


In order to be eligible for the position of professor in the artistic discipline you have to demonstrate both artistic and teaching expertise.

Artistic expertise at professor level means that you are a leader in your artistic field, the quality of the activities must be at the highest international level, and you must have both deep and broad knowledge in your artistic field.

Pedagogical expertise at professor level means that you have demonstrated pedagogical skills in artistic contexts within or outside the university. You also have the ability to develop, lead and implement high-quality education at various levels.

The tasks require that you have a solid experience of your own active artistic research and previous experience of leadership from a university of art context. The work also requires that you can communicate in Swedish or another Scandinavian language and English.

In addition, you have those personal abilities required to competently fulfil  the appointment and to be able to represent the university in a manner beneficial to the organisation.

Learn more about entry requirements for artistic and teaching expertise on our website at:

Detailed information regarding qualifications and assessment criteria for teaching appointments is stated in Chapter 4 Sections 3 and 4 of the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance.

Assesment criteria

Assessment criteria when appointing a professor shall include the degree of proficiency required to be eligible for the position. When appointing a professor, consideration shall also be taken regarding the applicant’s ability to develop, lead, and implement very high quality artistic research, courses and programmes.

For the assignment, we particularly value:

– experience from own artistic research and education relevant to SKH's activities
– experience of previous management assignments/leadership in higher artistic education and research.
– that you are well acquainted with developments in artistic research nationally and internationally.
– a good ability to express yourself in speech and writing in Swedish or another Scandinavian language and in English
– broad networks and relationships with stakeholders important to SKH, nationally and internationally.
– experience of leading externally funded artistic research projects
– experience of making research applications to external actors.

As an employee of Stockholm University of the Arts, you belong to a positive, collegial environment that promotes and supports equality, diversity and inclusion. Emphasis is placed on open communication that engages students and staff and encourages their contributions. We place a great deal of importance on your personal attributes.

For the position of Vice-Rector, you need to be positively curious and a good communicator with high integrity. You should be able to create dialogue, both internally and externally, but also be able to make decisions when needed. You should have an ability to take a holistic view, be visionary and be able to motivate and engage, and have the ambition to continue to run development together to achieve a good and sustainable working and study environment.

You must have completed, or be expected to complete within the next three years, higher education pedagogical training or in another documented way have acquired equivalent knowledge.

About the position

The scope of employment is a full-time position and it is a fixed period of five (5) years. Employment to commence at the earliest 2024/01/01

The assignment as Vice-Rector of Research is a fixed-term assignment of five (5) years with a mutual period of notice of two months.

Stockholm University of the Arts wants to take advantage of the qualities that encounters between different perspectives and experiences bring to the organisation. SKH particularly welcomes applicants who complement our organisation in terms of equality and ethnic diversity.

How to apply

Applications should be submitted in English as they may be reviewed by international experts. You can register your application and upload documents in our recruitment system. Please ensure that all documents are marked with the reference number SKH 2023/625/2.2.1.

Detailed information on what to include with your application can be found in the document “What should be included in my application?” on our website

We welcome your application no later than 28 september 2023!

Contact person

Paula Crabtree
+46 8 49 400 000

Ann Kroon
Chef för forskningskansliet
+46 8 49 400 274




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