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VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research

Reminder: VIS Open Call #12

The call for participation in VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research number 12 is open! The theme is Contemporary Ar(t)chaeology: A dead-alive of Artistic Re-search and History. Deadline is 30 November 2023. The editors for this issue are Behzad Khosravi Noori and Magnus Bärtås.

The 12th issue of VIS extends an invitation to artistic practitioners from all fields who possess an interest in historiography. It seeks explorations into methodologies, reinterpretations, and re-examinations of the past. Through the perspective of contemporary Ar(t)chaeology, a fusion of art and archaeology, the journal aims to demonstrate how artistic research can offer an alternative methodology capable of challenging established historical narratives and presenting opportunities for reimagining the past. 

The deadline for submitting exposition proposals is 30 November 2023 (at 00:00 CET), and the issue will be published in October 2024.

Read the full text about the theme on the VIS website: VIS Open Call #12.

VIS uses the Research Catalogue (RC) database for both the application process and publication and can only accept exposition proposals submitted through this method. As an artist, you create an exposition using the tools provided by RC and then submit it to VIS for review. Both the VIS website and Research Catalogue provide clear instructions on how to create and submit an exposition proposal.

Learn more about VIS application process: VIS submission and editorial process.


Behzad Khosravi Noori, Ph.D., is an artist, writer, educator, play grounder, and necromancer. His research-based practice includes films, installations, as well as archival studies.

Magnus Bärtås is an artist, filmmaker and writer and, since 2018, head of research and deputy vice chancellor at Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm.

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