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Register now! SAR International Forum on Artistic Research in Tilburg


Deadline: 27th of March 2024

SAR International Forum on Artistic Research will take place from April 10th to 11th 2024, hosted by Fontys Academy of the Arts in Tilburg.

Program may be found here.

This year the Society for Artistic Research (SAR) introduces a new biennial meeting format, that offers time and space for thought-provoking and stimulating dialogue between artistic researchers, artists, practitioners, research managers as well as policymakers and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.

The Forum 2024 co-developed by Fontys and SAR to be a new and innovative biennial format, that will alternate with the already established SAR conferences.

Instead of the traditional keynote speech, the Forum will host three focus sessions in the afternoon of the first day. These sessions aim to address, explore, and negotiate challenges, visions, and opportunities for artistic research in contemporary society. In particular critical issues and questions that relate to:

-> the ethical dimensions of artistic research and the responsibilities when navigating this complex area. How should ethics ‘look like' for artistic research, and who and how should they be managed and implemented?

-> the research environments and culture: 
What should a progressive and responsive research environment for artistic research and artistic researchers on all educational and career levels look like?

-> the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence for artistic research(ers):
How and when does artificial intelligence create new directions for artistic research? What supports or hinders artistic research and artificial intelligence to coalesce and collaborate mutually and productively?

Focus provided by our Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

With this new format of the SAR Forum we would also like to foster more dynamic interactions with the SAR Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and facilitate debates that encourage active participation not only within the SIGs but also across the broader SAR community. For the second day, a number of SIGs have accepted our invitation to co-create the SIGs’ contribution to the SAR Forum 2024 and are currently developing tailor-made formats to engage with the Forum’s participants and encourage a thought-provoking and stimulating dialogue about their special interest. More information about the SIG program here. We are looking forward to a range of exciting and diverse contributions!

There is a special invitation from SIG 7,  Co-Agency - Artistic Research as transformative practice, to actively participate in their session.

Instead of the traditional Open Call for contributions, we invite Forum participants to share their artistic research work with the research community in the form of poster presentations. These will be exhibited in a dedicated gallery setting during the 2-day forum in Tilburg. Posters might link up (e.g. with a QR code) to a dedicated RC exposition that allows for a more comprehensive presentation as well as online availability of all contributions via the official Forum website (via links). There is no selection process and participation is included in the Forum fee, making this line of participation entirely open and accessible to all Forum participants. An official invitation letter can be requested.




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