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HUB Open Call #3: Metabolic Media / Extended Deadline

Journal of Research in Art, Design and Society

HUB is a new peer-reviewed and open-access research journal for reporting on arts, design, and performing arts. The journal is published twice a year by i2ADS – Research Institute in Art, Design and Society (University of Porto, Portugal) and hosted on the Research Catalogue platform.

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HUB Open Call #3

Issue #3 / Autumn 2024

Theme: Metabolic Media


Guest Editors: Louise Carver and Jamie Allen. 


New submission deadline: May 14, 2024.

How does life and technology intertwine to shape our world? How do artistic practices and research reflect complex material flows and influences? How does media metabolise, and metabolisms mediate?

For the next Autumn issue of HUB, we are interested in broadening the understanding of METABOLIC MEDIA. We invite you to think about artistic, scientific, research and technological practices that consider how we show, communicate, store, transmit, analyse and experience metabolic information, as well as how these processual phenomena are taken up by creative practitioners in media, art and design. 

Both media and metabolism, as epistemological categories, allow for the conflation of the signified and asignified, creating lines of engagement between the biological lifeworlds of earthly beings and their technological intermediations, as these increasingly co-constitute one another. Metabolising media, or media metabolics (Geraldine Juárez), is an inversion that serves as a way of rendering palpable the messy, domestic, seeping, oozing organic materiality flows directed and unsuccessfully dominated by technoscience (Hannah Landecker, Desiree Foerster).

Metabolic media likewise takes into consideration ongoing ‘logistical’ (Ned Rositter), ‘elemental’ (J. D. Peters, Wickberg & Gärdebo), ‘geological’ (Jussi Parikka), ‘thermal’ (Nicole Starosielski), ‘economic’ (Harold Innis, Herman Daly) studies of media, infrastructure and nature.

In the context of shifting, strained or even pathological metabolic relations across scales, forms, zones and bodies, we ask after projects, reflections and interventions at the intersection of media and metabolic flows, systems and processes.

What are the tools we have used to characterise metabolism through individual, collective, urban structures, nation-states and planetary scales?

How best to creatively intervene in, analyse and account for the repercussions that media bring to metabolic regimes?

What kinds of aesthetics and designed media are modulating metabolic systems and processes, and in what ways?

Which speculative possibilities for healing, repairing or shifting metabolic relations do media practices offer?

How might metabolic media help make sense of actual, grounded, material interactions between the living and nonliving?

Can metabolic media tie together and multiply new ways of recognising, describing and promoting either life-affirming and life-deleting local, regional, urban, rural and planetary situations?

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Submit your proposal via Research Catalogue (RC) by May 14, 2024.

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