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Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts & University of Copenhagen

Supervising Artistic and Practice-based Research - Publishing for Urgency

ArtHub Copenhagen, August 19-22, 2024

Artistic and practice-based research propose situated responses to the urgencies of our current condition – among them, planetary ecological collapse, systemic inequality, and border regimes. Artistic and practice-based research can allow for individuals, communities, and the environment to be imagined otherwise.

How do we, as supervisors, navigate and support these urgencies through and alongside academic structures of dissemination and validation? How can we sustain and develop good practices of publishing artistic and practice-based research that can speak to multiple ways of knowing rather than primarily to the production of knowledge? How can we privilege the many and multi-faceted ways that artistic and practice-based research meets its publics: the research itself as continuous dissemination and engagement, the dissertation, and possibly its defense as an act of publishing, and other frameworks for the dissemination of artistic research. Which approaches, formats, and platforms are recommended and can be developed by supervisors?

This week-long course for supervisors explores the heterogeneous processes of PhD and postdoc publishing and supervision in the arts. The course brings together professionals from all over the world to discuss, for example, generating knowledge; experimental formats of interacting, distributing, publishing; presentation skills across making and research; styles of writing; ethics in supervision; and supervising collaborative publishing activities. 

Maximum number of participants: 25

Registration fee: 250 Euro. This includes lunch all days and one dinner.

This course is dedicated to collective knowledge exchange and community building for supervisors of practice-based or artistic PhD projects or those engaged with the development of administrative or academic frameworks. We hope for a diverse and varied community representing higher arts education institutions, universities, and other research communities. A number of stipends covering participation fees will be available.

To apply, please submit a short proposal of no more than 400 words describing a current urgency, development, or possibility that you would like to share with a community of peers along with a 1-page CV to Please make us aware in the application if you wish to apply for a stipend. This will not affect the selection of proposals. Deadline 1 June 2024.

Supervising Artistic and Practice-based Research: Publishing for Urgency 2024 is organized by Maibritt Borgen, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts; Mikkel Bogh, PASS - Center for Practice-based Art Studies, Rune Gade and Holger Schulze, University of Copenhagen.

Core organization team for Supervising Artistic and Practice-based Research: Maibritt Borgen, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts; Jacob Lund, Aarhus University; Iris van der Tuin, Utrecht University; Henk Slager, HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht.




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