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Call for Contributions

for the joint symposium THINKING WITH THE BODY – OVERCOMING METHODOLOGICAL BOUNDARIES of the artistic research project Embodying Expression, Gender, Charisma Breaking Boundaries of Classical Instrumental Practices (EmEGC) and the Interdisciplinary Research Network Implicit Knowledge (FORIM).

Date: Thursday, 19 and Friday, 20 September 2024
Anton Bruckner Private University, Linz, Austria
Deadline for proposals: 30 June 2024
Organisers: EmEGC and FORIM

In the artistic research project "Embodying Expression, Gender, Charisma – Breaking Boundaries of Classical Instrumental Practices" (in short: EmEGC), violinist, composer and scholar Barbara Lüneburg, sociologist Kai Ginkel and flutist-researcher Renata Kambarova investigate how the body of instrumentalists is an essential factor for musical expression, gender performance and charisma in Western classical instrumental practice. The team systematically explores how implicit knowledge that lies in the bodily performance of instrumentalists can be analysed, extracted and expressed. While doing so, they additionally address corporeal, socially constructed and medial forms of embodiment in the field of instrumental performance and its reception. Methodologically, this raises questions that we reflect on using specially developed methods of artistic research on the one hand (including art works) and sociological practices on the other. The artistic-scholarly core method for researching embodiment - Re-enacting Embodiment - utilises three forms of knowledge that are available to the artists in the project: explicit and implicit body knowledge, which in extreme cases becomes tacit knowledge that is often difficult to grasp but can be fathomed using this method. Based on our research so far, we recognise the body a) as an instrument of thought and b) as a source of knowledge.


For the symposium, the team of EmEGC and the researchers from FORIM are looking for performance lectures, talks and/or panel discussion contributions regarding the following questions:

1. How do we use the body as a source of knowledge and/or as a way of thinking? How can we explore the connection between body and knowledge methodologically and artistically? How can we make body knowledge accessible and shareable?

2. How can 'embodiment' be defined and represented conceptually, theoretically or artistically?

3. In which way was does embodiment research benefit from an interdisciplinary approach shared by practitioners in artistic research with their internal perspective and scholars looking at embodiment from an external perspective? How does a combination or juxtaposition of each perspective challenge methodological approaches of both disciplines?

For more detailed questions concerning artistic research and performance practice and further questions that specifically interest our partners FORIM click the following link: THINKING WITH THE BODY – OVERCOMING METHODOLOGICAL BOUNDARIES

We welcome suggestions for contributions, which should be sent to the contact address below by June 30 at the latest:




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