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To all Research Catalogue users:

A substantial update to the user profile functionality was applied, which allows for a more comprehensive representation of your research profile.

In fact, why not make the RC THE place where you author you profile as researcher?


a CV in pdf format can be attached to your profile

next to research expositions, you are now also able to display ‘works’


(art objects, articles, performances etc.) on your profile.

Beyond works, we have introduced two further types


of objects for use on your profile: project and degree

Expositions, works, projects and degrees can be dragged


and dropped into an order of your choice

You can add groupings to structure your profile page

Through the ‘share’ dialogue, you can decide which of your objects


are visible to the public. (Note: existing works will be private by default)

Each object has its own details page that shows all metadata


and also relations to other objects, which you can now create


We are in the process of adding a section to our help files, which you will be able to access via this link:

As usual, please contact the RC User Support ( should you have any questions or comments.

We hope that you will be as excited about this update as we are!


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