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Research Focus Cultural Analysis in the Arts. Zurich University of the Arts

INSERT #5, 2024 Landscaping Oneself - In Relational Practices

Edited by Sigrid Adorf, Ines Kleesattel and Léonie Su╠łess.

The fifth issue of INSERT asks what “landscaping oneself” might mean – in both historical and more-than-human materialist terms. How can landscape be practiced more relationally than through the distancing gaze? With the neologism “landscaping oneself” we propose shifting attention away from image and sovereign subject towards entangled processes of reciprocities. With contributions by Ludwig Berger, Patricia Jäggi and Christoph Brünggel, Willimann/Arai, Rémi Willemin, Priska Gisler, Simon Graf, Denise Bertschi, Jan Bachmann and Maëlle Torné.

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