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Artistic research developed in the context of i2ADS practices.

‘[…] Biology of One Body’s work’: A video collage of seconds counted while drawing + 2-minutes’ playback layered a number of times (2021) Mike Croft
A three-minute video, including title and credits, concerns a second re-working, in effect layer three, of a drawing that references incidental observation of the inside of a glass jar and additional materiality, such as an action camera worn in front of the eyes and how the jar is attached to the drawing’s surface to enable the process’s video recording. The audio concerns the counting of seconds while drawing and the prolonged intonation of the word RAUM, German for space. Each of these vocal elements directs and impacts on the drawing procedures, the latter of which are implemented with pencils designed for marking on non-porous surfaces such as plastic and glass, and erasure of such pencils on laminated white cardboard. The video fades in and out of the drawing at each of its three stages, two of which were from times prior to making the video, the last of the stages of which was up to the time of beginning the video. The video is also interspersed with scrolling typed indication of the various correspondences between the counting of time and phrases of spoken monologue, the latter of which has been divided into two audio layers through having been recorded onto both the camera’s microphone and an external voice recorder. At 1: 47mins of the video the content fades to a muted simple scroll-through animation of the completed drawing of the previous video content played back a number of times, which had been responded to through the layering of the drawing the same number of times across nine pieces of handmade paper, 51 x 36cm, in plastic-based pencils and acrylic paint. The video encapsulates the above-mentioned individual facets as a single entity that provides some comment on the diverse nature of time in the context of its experience in and as drawing. Keywords: drawing; time; monologue; language; intonation
open exposition
Coded Perception: 'Out of the Corner of One's Eye' (2021) Mike Croft
The exposition concerns how aspects of perception, mainly visual but not excluding other senses, are encoded within the artist’s drawing-based practice. Such coding is increased due to the artist's use of speech and its recording to eventually produce textual transcripts, and video evidence of the process of drawing while drawing. More inclusively stated, the artist’s practice oscillates between visual and linguistic means, and analogue and digital methods. As research, the exposition questions where and how coding is implicit in the artist’s perception during his approach to his work. Such questioning is enabled by a split between the artist in his reflexive involvement presented as speech transcripts and supporting screenshots from the video recording, and his reflective observation on the content of the transcript as if made by another-person interlocutor. The exposition is presented as a textual introduction and conclusion, between which is access to the full audio-visual recording of the drawing process and a flip-book presentation of the transcript and interlocutor interventions. The exposition's main image is the artist's finished drawing.
open exposition